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Dream catchers are a great way to decorate your home as well as hold on to good dreams. If you’re willing to know and learn about dream catchers – how to make one, let us tell you, it’s pretty easy to make your woolgather at home. Now if you’re thinking of how to weave a dreamcatcher, you certainly need the right steps.

Here we are discussing the top ways to weave a dreamcatcher with all the step-by-step dreamcatcher weaving instructions. There are even some of the easiest ways following which the kids can also make dream catchers for them as craftworks for fun and practice.

Types Of Dream Catcher

There are various types of dream catchers that are differentiated by colors. These colors represent different meanings. If you want to know about the different types of dream catchers and their meanings, here you go.

different types of dream catchers and their meanings
different types of dream catchers and their meanings
  • The black and white dream catcher is considered the best to keep at home. This one symbolizes purity and hope.
  • Grey dream catcher: As grey is a mixture of back and white, it symbolizes stability and security. This color goes for the authoritative and mature person who has a strong sense of character.
  • Purple dream catcher: The purple one stands for royalty and luxury. Many who believe in spiritual powers to gain wealth, often keep this at home.
  • Red dream catcher: The red ones symbolize romance in lives and believe to keep the household safe and away from danger. For the ones who are very energetic and passionate, they’re suited to have this one.
  • Blue dream catcher: The blue dream catcher symbolizes peace, calmness, confidence, and integrity. They’re often kept at home because of these values.
  • Yellow dream catcher: The social butterflies should go for the yellow ones as they represent cheerfulness, energy, joy, and friendliness.

5 DIY Ideas To Make Dream Catcher

If you know how to make dream catcher patterns, you’ll be able to make a DIY dreams weaver all by yourself. To know how to weave a dreamcatcher, you need to understand the required materials to make a dreamcatcher.

  • Metal hoop.
  • Suede lace or nylon ribbon.
  • Artificial sinew or silk thread, wax nylon string would work.
  • Scissors.
  • Small binder clips
  • Liquid craft glue.
  • Beads.
  • Gemstones.
  • Feathers
  • Pompoms

Here you’ll have the top five DIY ideas to make a dreamcatcher,and steps in images to guide you must have a look.

how to make dream catcher patterns
how to make dream catcher patterns -step 1
  1. Unicorn dream catcher
  • Perform the wrapping of the hoops.
  • Next, you need to tie yarn around the hoops.
  • You need to cut off outer and inner white ears to stick and use hot glue for it.
  • Use glitter paper to cut the horn and stick it.
  • Cut ribbons and yarns to hang them after decoration.
  1. Pompom dream catcher
  • Use wire to make a hoop.
  • Choose a yarn to tie a knot around the hoop.
  • Then wrap the yarn inside the hoop.
  • Grab some colorful pom-poms to attach those around the hoops.
  • Add some ribbon to the hanging loop.
  • Use color feathers to stick them for decoration at the end.
how to make dream catcher at home
how to make dream catcher at home-step 2
  1. Leaf dream catcher
  • Wrap your embroidery hoop using yarns.
  • Paint the leaves using acrylic colors.
  • Stick it to the end using ribbons.
  • Decorate the strings using beads and it’s done.
  1. Doily dream catcher
  • Wrap the wooden hoop using ribbons.
  • Use a pink ribbon to cover the inside of the hoop with hot glue.
  • Use scraps and trimmed fabrics to decorate it by tying them around the hoop and then hanging it with a pink ribbon.
  1. Dream catcher with recycled CDs.
  • Cut yarn to tie it to the old CDs you’re using.
  • Next, you need to tie sharp strings at the back.
  • Go on weaving and wrapping the strings on other strings.
  • Use sharpie markers to draw on them.
  • Then tie the ribbons and decorate the beads.
  • Next, make a loop to hang it.
step by step dream catcher weaving instructions
step by step dream catcher weaving instructions

DIY Dream Catcher Ideas For Kids

Some DIY Dream catcher ideas are available for kids to work on it. Kids in schools can learn about how to make a dream catcher at home to make it as their crafting activity. It’s not only easy but also a fun way to learn about how to make dream catchers with yarns.

In the following points, you’ll have all the step-by-step dreamcatcher weaving instructions to make a DIY dream catcher.

  • The kids need to start by covering the hoops with washi tapes. They can tear the tapes by hand instead of using scissors as it might not be safe enough.
  • Then after choosing two colorful yarns, they need to wrap them around the hoops. It would take just some minutes to wrap it and then tighten it up so that it stays on.
  • Next is the sewing part, for which a paper template is needed and then two colors thread to sew it.
  • When the kids are on the threading part, they need to double the strings to tie a knot so that the thread doesn’t fall out of the needle.
  • Keep a little opening to put in the stuffing for decorations.
  • Next, it needs to be colored using watercolors and let them dry up a bit then punch a hole at the top.
  • The kids can make two more pom poms for decorations.
  • Then after putting it all together, the beads need to be stung on the string and thus the dream weaver is ready to hang up on the wall.

Traditional Dream Catcher

Traditional seem catchers are the easiest to make and can be done in no time if you know the process. If you’re willing to know and learn about how to make traditional dream catcher, you need to know about the steps to weave one perfectly

ideas to decorate wall
how to make traditional dream catcher

But first, you need to know about the needed materials to make a dreamcatcher in the traditional style.

You’ll need –

  • You can use metal hoops or wooden hoops.
  • Leather or buckskin shoelace
  • Beads
  • Feathers, particularly eagle feather
  • Gems stone for decoration
  • You would need strings
  • Glue.

Now heading on to the steps to make traditional dream catchers.

  • You need to start with wrapping the hoops. You just need to put some glue and paste the laces. Start using a clip to hold the laces at the position.
  • When done wrapping put it aside for the glue to set and then remove the clips.
  • Next, you need to string the woolgether. It easier for you if you know how to make dream catcher patterns.
  • Start making the pattern with just a knot then start working it in the clockwise direction. Next, pull the string tightly and fasten the string at quarter-hoop intervals.
  • Then when done making patterns, decorate them with feathers and beads.
  • Lastly, tie a loop to hang it to the wall.

Spiritual Significance Of Dream Catcher

dream catcher spiritual meaning
dream catcher spiritual meaning

If you want to know about how do dream catcher work spiritually or the dream catcher spiritual meaning, here you have your answer.

  • A dream catcher is mainly considered a dream holder.
  • They’re thought of as talisman who protects the household’s dreams to fulfill them.
  • It is also looked upon as protection from nightmares and bad dreams.
  • They’re placed on the walls of the bed to avoid nightmares from haunting people at night as the nighttime air is considered as filled with both good and bad air.
  • Dream catchers are also spiritually interpreted to divide the energy in the room. It helps in the absorption of good energy by men and let go of or neutralizes the bad energy.
  • They’re also looked upon as a good omen that can prevent all the bad events from happening to the households.
  • They’re kept hanging beside the baby’s bed so that they don’t get frightened by nightmares.

Best Places To Hang Dream Catcher

If you want to know where to hang a dream catcher, we are going to name the best places and spots suitable to hang a pretty dream catcher.

  • Dream catchers are usually placed on the walls of bedrooms.
  • They’re placed in the southwest direction of rooms to bring positive energy into the house.
  • You can also hang the dream catcher to the bed sidewall.
  • You can hang it in your baby’s room to prevent nightmares from haunting the little one.
  • It’s often hung at the center of rooms to create a peaceful ambiance.
  • For halls and living rooms, you can hang it at the center of the wall to which the sofa is parked.
  • You can even place it in a position where the sunlight hits in the early morning. It’s done to bring to light their lives.
  • Hanging it in the middle of your courtyard, balcony, or window can create a nice view as well as let in positive energy.
where to hang a dream catcher
where to hang a dream catcher


1.What do dream catchers protect you from?

Many believe that dream catchers protect from having nightmares and evil dreams. It keeps away the bad dreams and keeps up on holy dreams.

2.What do dream catchers do?

Dream catchers keep the negative energy away from the house and let in only the positive energy. They trap the bad dreams in the web and when the sunlight hits the dreamcatcher, the bad dream clears off.

3.Do dream catchers work?

Dream catchers are believed to work for protective purposes. They are considered to act as filters for dreams as they can send good dreams to the sleeper and trap the bad dreams.

4.Which color dream catcher is best?

The white and blue color dream catchers are said to work the best which is also a symbol of pureness, hope, simplicity, and loyalty.

Hope you got adequate information regarding the topic present your views in the comment section as it will motivate us to write more for you.


There are different types of dream catchers and each color symbolizes different meanings. Dream catchers are mainly used for protecting from nightmares if you’re thinking about what are dream catchers for primarily. Making dream catchers is quite easy and simple and even kids can do it effortlessly knowing the steps.

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