DIY Mirror Frame Decorating Ideas


The holiday season is upon us. And with it come the decors. But decorations are not only for occasions. Normal, everyday life can be amped up with simple decorations. And a key component of everyday life is a mirror. 

Mirrors are present in every household and thus can be a very welcome candidate for decorations. So today we will look into some DIY mirror frame decorating ideas.  

While there are many fancy mirrors available in the market now, it is not feasible for everyone to afford them. So, we have included ideas for how to decorate mirror frame at home.

Decorating mirrors from home has the advantage of decorating the mirror as one’s own choice. 

Revamping a mirror can be done in many ways. From DIY mirror decorating ideas cheap to the pocket to frameless mirror decorating ideas, we have it all. So, let’s get into it!

DIY Flower mirror designs

DIY Flower mirror designs
DIY Flower mirror designs

Who doesn’t like starting afresh morning? And what could be better than elements of nature welcoming us as we start the day? This DIY mirror includes methods to decorate mirror frame with flowers. The list of items required here are:

  • Any common mirror with or without a distinguishable frame
  • Flexible aluminium wires
  • Adhesives like glue
  • Flowers
decorate mirror frame with flowers
DIY Mirror Frame Decorating Ideas

Make a wireframe around the mirror using the aluminum wires and attach the flowers to the frame using glue. Quick, easy, and cheap, it is one of the most popular ideas to decorate mirror frame.

DIY Beaded Mirror frame designs

We all love a touch of artsiness around us. One very simple yet effective method to style your mirror and make it a center of attraction is adding beads to it. These steps will tell you how to decorate a mirror frame with beads.

Here are the things we need to make a DIY mirror frame with beads:

how to decorate mirror frame at home
how to decorate mirror frame at home
  • A round mirror (works best)
  • Cardboard 
  • Glue or a stronger adhesive
  • Beads
  • Durable hooks/hangers

Cut the cardboard a bit larger in radius than the round mirror. After you get your perfect size, apply the beads with hot glue or other stronger alternatives for adhesives. Start from inside and work outwards, circle after circle.

Having different colored beads be good as they will form alternate color patterns.

how to decorate a mirror frame with beads
how to decorate a mirror frame with beads

When you are sure you have nothing to change or add, use some durable hooks or hangers to place the mirror in the desired place in your house. You are welcome to these awesome DIY mirror frame decorating ideas.

DIY Bathroom Mirror frame designs 

Bathroom mirrors are usually the first mirrors that one uses in a day. Clearly, if you give your bathroom mirror a makeover, it can have positive effects on your mind and thus the day forward.

Here are some DIY bathroom mirror frame decorating ideas and the stuff required for it:

  • Any standard-sized bathroom mirror
  • Wood, or any other material which you would like to make a frame from
  • Strong, industry-grade adhesives
  • Durable hangers or hooks or nails
DIY Mirror Frame Decorating Ideas
ideas to decorate mirror frame

Start with measuring the inner and the outer length of the frame pieces. Carefully, cut them out with caution. You can give the frame wood extra furnishing or polish if you like.

Hang the mirror on the wall using the appropriate number of durable hangers or hooks or nails considering the weight of the wood. Now the wood frame will go over the mirror. 

Use industry-grade adhesives to glue the frame over the mirror edges. Wait till the adhesive sets, and voila! You can now enjoy an exciting start of the day with your brand-new DIY bathroom mirror, thanks to these DIY mirror frame decorating ideas.

DIY Frameless mirror decorating ideas

how to decorate mirror without frame
how to decorate mirror without frame

Next is frameless mirror decorating ideas. Do you have a simple, plain frameless mirror that you find a little bland without a frame? Then do not worry. We have some tips as to how to decorate mirror without frame. Here’s what you need:

  • A plain circular frameless mirror
  • Popsicle/Ice cream sticks
  •  Super glue
  • Spray paint
  • Painter’s tape

Start with laying out the ice cream sticks around the mirror, their one end facing straightly outwards. Remember to tape the sticks every 10-15 sticks. Carefully create a frame around the mirror. You can flip the frame over to add another layer of sticks around it if it looks too thin.

After getting a satisfactory frame, use more ice cream sticks to strengthen the frame. Stick them in a perpendicular position with respect to the sticks of the frame. 

DIY Mirror Frame Decorating Ideas
mirror frame decorating ideas

Flip the frame to face upward and use spray paint of a color you like. Let it dry.

Once dry, stick the frame and the mirror together with super glue. Leave it to set. Hang the mirror on the wall and you are set to go. 


Q: How do you decorate a plain mirror frame?

A: Use homely things like beads or flowers or hand-crafted stickers or objects. They are cheap and give a surprising artful freshness. There are many DIY mirror frame decorating ideas and resources present around us.

Q: How do you glam a mirror frame?

A: Using shiny things works really well. You can use small cut mirrors of different shapes or shiny tiles. Mosaic is another option.

Q: How can I decorate my mirror at home?

A: Decorating a mirror at home is a very easy task nowadays. And it has its profits, from low cost to recycling of old things at home. There are many such things, from matchsticks to wood ply, depending on the size of the mirror which can be used for designing mirrors at home.

Q: How do you style a mirror?

A: Choose a fairly open space in your home. Decide upon the style of the mirror you want (there are various designs these days) and use the corresponding objects required for it. Most of all, place the mirror in a well-lit place for it to provide the most effective decoration.

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