About us

Hi, I am Bella Martin founder of dstrkt-london. I started in early May 2021, Dstrkt-London was launched with the ambition of making everyone’s life easy.

Every person has struggled through something that makes them love time-saving solutions a little more and it is safe to say that this is the reason why daily life hacks have become more common and handy solutions now.

Why are we here?

We have been absolute lovers of daily hacks and tricks to fix things up and make a difficult task easy. This is because we have come across many situations in our daily lives that make us think if there’s any hack to save our time and energy and to ease the levels of difficulty in daily chores? And that is how the idea of having our own platform ‘Dstrkt-London’ came into existence.

All the minor tasks at home use to take up so much of our time that made us look for practical and time-saving solutions, and so we decided to share our research with the rest of the world too.

Just like time is precious for us, we know it is precious for our customers too and what’s better than saving some time? Hence, the idea of saving and investing landed us here.

The Work Equation:

While we talk about the idea of saving time and energy, we do exactly its opposite when it comes to delivering you foolproof information.

Whether it’s researching important topics to picking up even the minor ones that most people go through, we don’t rush things or do any task in a hurry.

And that is how we collect error-free information for you on life-saving hacks that you read here.

We know our audience and we understand the struggles they face and hence ensuring they get all the right guidance at the right time, is of utmost priority to us, even if that means giving in extra time and energy to the analysis.

The Teamwork:

Charity begins at home and when we give out the idea of doing the right thing to save time, how can we not practice the same?

And we at Dstrkt-London believe that one of the best ways to save time and energy while ensuring the work is completely flawless is by having the best team with you.

Therefore, we build a team of hardworking, patient, sincere, and dedicated professionals who understand your needs and know-how to provide you with all that you want.

Our target:

Our main target is to give our audience as many ways to fix their household things up as they can with smart and latest techniques that can never go wrong.

And by doing that, we are not only making our customers smart and independent but are also building a community of trust and faith that shares similar ideas and thoughts.

And while so many people are connecting with us, you can get in our touch too by mailing us at manisha.puri88@gmail.com: for any ideas, queries, or questions.