How To Repair Glasses With A Metal Bridge DIY At Home


Due to the fact that the bridge of our eyeglasses provides over 89 percent of the overall weight of the eyewear, it becomes useless after the bridge gets broken. You are required to follow these steps, Gather essential items, Clean the eyeglasses, Cut the papers, and Stick the paper know the detailed information read out the article below.

As the bridge of the glasses can be highly vulnerable to breakage and complex to be repaired permanently at home, learning about some ways to repair glasses metal bridge DIY can come in handy in our daily lives.

At least until we find the time to take it to a professional optician or buy a brand new pair.

How To Repair Glasses Metal Bridge DIY

Fix The Broken Plastic Glasses Bridge With Glue And Paper As A Quick Solution

This particular method can help in repairing the bridge of the eyeglass temporarily. Hence, certain activities that can significantly impact the eyeglass must be avoided.

The steps which should be followed for using the method are –

  • Gather essential items – Thick sheets of paper, convenient adhesives like Super Glue, PVA Glue, Epoxy Glue, etc., along with scissors are required to perform the method.
  • Clean the eyeglasses – The glasses and the broken parts of the frame will have to be cleaned by rinsing under the water and drying it properly using a microfiber cloth for getting rid of dirt.
  • Cut the papers – For cutting the paper sheet in proper thin sizes, the overall width of the bridge will have to be measured before. At least three to five sheets should be cut.
  • Stick the paper pieces – For sticking and rolling the paper pieces on the broken bridge, either put the glue in each sheet one at a time before wrapping or put it directly in the broken area while wrapping the paper simultaneously.

The glasses should be steadily placed during the whole process. Hence, either ask for someone’s help to hold it, or put it on a flat surface, firmly hold it with one hand, and wrap the paper using another.

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Fix Broken Glass Nose Bridge With Sewing

IT is another method of repairing the bridge at home. Unlike the gluing method, sewing the eyeglass bridge is a more reliable solution for the long term. Strong pressures should be avoided in this case as well.

The steps to follow for this method are –

  • Prepare needed items – A strong thread, a thin needle, a drill, a strong glue, rubbing alcohol, wooden sticks, cotton swabs, and rubber bands are some items required to be gathered for this method.
  • Prepare the surface – By using sandpaper for rubbing the surface of the broken part, and applying rubbing alcohol such as nail polish remover, the dirt will be clean for better adhesion.
  • Proper alignment of the frame – By utilizing some rubber bands, a wooden stick will be tied with both arms of the glass frame, for keeping it properly aligned in place.
  • Glue the pieces – The glue should be poured into the broken area in small drops to avoid spilling. Then, the parts should be squeezed firmly and hold for a few seconds.

Excess glue should be cleaned immediately before the glue dries, and then set the frame aside for a minimum of one hour to ensure the glue is properly dried.

  • Drill holes – For reinforcing the bonding created with the adhesive, two holes will be drilled on both sides of the broken line using a small drill.
  • Sew with thread – The parallel holes will be sewed together by using a needle that helps in getting the thread through the holes, to strengthen the core joint. Later, the holes should be filled with glue and dried for at least one hour.

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How To Repair Glasses Metal Bridge DIY

Thing To Know When Fixing Glasses That Broke In Half

The glue should be chosen depending on the material of the eyewear frame. The majority of the adhesives can work well with the plastic frame that is broken in half; however, they may not be compatible to repair glasses metal bridge DIY.

Hence, choosing the right kind of glue depending on the material is highly important. Starbond Glue, Locktite Glue, Crazy Glue, and Gorilla Glue are some of the products that can work effectively.

Moreover, as the eyeglasses can be very fragile, they should be handled gently with care in the process of repairing to avoid any further issues of breakage.

In addition, the process should be performed with full concentration and each step belonging to the methods should be followed without skipping, to get the best result from the overall process.


1. How do you fix a broken metal glasses bridge?

For fixing a broken metal glasses bridge, laser welding the pieces together is potentially the best possible option.

A strong glue that is compatible with the metal can be used for temporarily sticking the broken parts as well.

2. How do I temporarily fix the bridge on my glasses?

For fixing a glass bridge of an eyeglass temporarily, follow these ways –

  • Align the broken parts and wrap a tape tightly around them.
  • Wrap the broken parts with glue and some paper sheets, one at a time.
  • Glue the broken parts, make two holes parallelly on both sides, sew them using thread and needle, and fill the holes with glue.

3. How do you fix a metal nose piece on glasses?

For fixing the nose piece on glasses, depending on the style, just screw out or snap out the nose piece, and replace them with new ones.

To Wrap Up

The vulnerability of the eyeglasses results in the glass bridge often breaking into pieces, which can create difficulties in the daily lives of the people using prescribed eyeglasses.

Hence, knowing the ways to quickly repair a broken eyeglass bridge can be significantly useful, although temporary, for the time being.

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