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People must have a clear idea how to install an electric fence as it is a barrier that utilizes electric shocks in order to deter people and other animals from crossing a boundary.

It is very essential to install an electric fence as it also keeps the animals safe and it creates an ideal grazing or pasture management with animals on a selected pasture.

Installing an electric fence is easier as it converts power either from the battery, the sun, or from the mains into a high voltage pulse. It is mainly connected with an alarm. Whenever people come in contact with the fence, the circuit gets completed and the fence delivers a short and sharp pulse of energy.

Solar Electric Fence

There are different types of electric fences namely, electric grid powered, battery-powered, and solar-powered. Solar Electric fences mainly depend on sunlight to power the charger. Solar-powered fences are installed in remote farms where there is no easy availability of electrical grids.

solar electric fence
How much does a solar electric fence cost

It requires low maintenance cost as the batteries are constantly charged from sunlight and it is replaced after three to four years with no additional energy costs.

Cost Of A Solar Electric Fence-before Before installing a solar electric fence, people should know the cost of a solar electric fence. Solar chargers range in price from about $100 to $500. It depends on the miles or acres the charger will power. Sometimes it is about $1000 or more. Cost of a solar electric fence per foot is about $0.10 to $0.20. Battery replacements may cost about $10 to $100, depending on the voltage.

Electric Fences For Cattles-Electric cattle fences are mental barriers for all categories of cattle and grazing situations. Livestock is well trained to abide by the electric fence and after about three to four days, they are accustomed to avoiding the fence.

An Electric Fences For Horses

Installing electric fencing for horses indicates providing temporary fencing, strip grazing, and protecting the pre-existing fencing. An energizer converts high power voltage.
As soon as the horse comes in contact with the wire carrying the pulse, the current passes through the horse to the ground and the horse receives a shock. This creates the fence between both physical and psychological boundaries for the horses.

  • Materials Required For Installing Electrical Horse Fences- The required materials are-
  1. Charger (energiser) + power source that includes battery, solar panel or electrical connections.
  2. Grounding rods, Galvanised wire and brass clamps.
  3. Steel fencing T-Posts.
  4. Steel T-Posts driver.
  5. Intermediate plastic insulators.
  6. Tensioners, Polyrope.
  7. Gate Breaker Kit, Warning Signs and Fence Tester.
how to end an electric fence
electric cattle fence
  1. Planning- There must be a proper planning regarding the layout of the fence, fence posts, gates, position of the energiser.
  2. Fence Posts- Fence posts are installed using steel T-Posts driver. It is started with the end and corner posts and then inline posts are added that is spaced between 8feet and 16feet apart.
  3. Intermediate Insulators- Plastic insulators are attached to the posts and the insulators are needed to be set at a height of 24” and 48”.
  4. Conductor- Polyrope or polytape are attached to one end and it runs along the fence line.
  5. Tension- The rope is pulled through the end tensioner and it enables to remove the slack in the rope. Proper precautions are to be maintained before installing.
  6. Electric-Gates- Spring-loaded gate-breaker kits are installed wherever needed.
  7. Grounding- Metal grounding rods are installed to earth the circuit. If the fence is not earthed properly the circuit will not be completed.
  8. Charger- After installing the energizer, it is connected with the positive connectors to the fence rope. After earthing the fence it is connected with the negative connector to the ground rod.
  9. Warning Signs- The signs are placed within easy reach of the people.
  10. Fence Tester- The fence is tested with voltmeter after turning on the energizer.

Procedure To Install Electrical Fence For Dogs-

Installing an electric fence for dogs several steps are to be considered.

  1. Setting up the electrical fence box.
  2. Adding of ground stakes.
  3. Electrical wires are attached to the ground stakes.
  4. The ground wire is connected to the electric fence box.
  5. Wires are tighten with the grounding knob.
  6. Adding of insulators, including metal nail stakes, porcelain and T-Posts fence insulators.
  7. Stringing the hot wire.
  8. Splicing the hot wire to the box.
  9. Installation of electric gates.
  10. Putting the warning signboards and using fence tester or voltmeter.

Best Ways To Install An Electrical Fence At Home

people can easily install an electrical fence at home. For that, they need to consider the following aspects.

how to install chicken wire fence
how to wire an electric fence
  1. Getting started with the plan.
    • Proper planning of the layout. It depends on the length of the fence, height, number of wires and different chargers to optimise the length of the wire.
    • To decide the number of brace corners.
    • To get enough durable, effective fence posts of substantial size.
    • To select appropriate charger.
    • Choosing wires of various thicknesses.
  2. Setting up the fence.
    • Proper setting up the charger. It can be near AC outlet or area that receives plenty of sunlight.
    • Putting in the grounding posts. For installing electrical fence 1 grounding post of 6 feet or larger are required.
    • Attachment of grounding wire to the post with a grounding clamp.
    • Installation of the fence posts.
    • Set up of the braces on corners and gates.
    • Mounting of the insulators.
    • Running the wire using connector clamps.
  3. Testing the line.
    • Turning the charger on and use of voltmeter to test the electric flow.
    • Charging the lines after connecting with jumper wire.
    • Rechecking of the voltage.
    • Making schedule for daily check of the current.
    • There should not be any weeds near the fence.
how to install a electric fence at home
how to install a electric fence for horses

Electric Fence: How It Works? The electric fence works when the energizer in the fence converts the main or battery power to create a high voltage pulse. The pulse is short-termed and repeats about every 1 second.

The pulse is known as shock. Animals feel the shock as they touch the fence. The shock travels through the animals’ bodies to the stake completing the circuit.

Method Of Wiring An Electrical Fence

People need to wire an electrical fence from the corner that is far away from the charger. Nobody should just wrap the wire around the fence as the cable will become loose and corrosion can occur. In this case, connector clamps are necessary. The wires should be tight and touch the anchor end. The wire must be tight enough but it should not break.

Process Of Electrifying A Fence- in order to electrify a fence, the positive terminal of the energizer (+) is attached with an insulated lead to the fence. After that, the negative terminal (-) on the other side of the earth is attached.

The earth may consist of galvanized pipes or rods that are hammered into the ground mainly in a damp area for better performance.

Is Setting Up An Electric Fence Economical? The cost to set up an electric fence varies as it depends on the type of electric fence. It generally costs around $1286. A low-end fence costs $400 while a high-end fence costs $1900.

The cost of the transmitter, receivers and the wire conducting power are also included within this.

Required Amount Of Current In An Electric Fence- electrical fence should have 7000volts and zero amps– high pressure and no flow. Electrical Fence energizers require a high voltage of 8000volts with a very low ampere of current of 120 milliamps. It indicates 120-thousands of an amp.

Diagram Showing The Method To Install Electric Fence

DIY Installation Of Electrical Fence- people can very comfortably install an electric fence themselves. For this, they require tools like voltmeter and materials like 4×4 posts, wire, gate kit, and fence system.

diagram of electric fence
diy electric fence
  • Preparing for the fence.
    • Digging holes and Placing the Posts: First holes are dug and posts are put inside it. Heights of the posts are checked and then quick setting cements are poured in the holes around the posts.
    • Proper Assembling of the Wire: Insulators are nailed in each pole and then two-three wires are installed around the garden.
    • Connecting and Grounding the Wire: After fixing the wire the system is connected with the power source.
    • Checking the Power: After connecting the wire, voltmeter is used to check equal current distribution.

Ways To Install Chicken Wire Fence- chicken wire fence is a flexible material that requires fence posts or a frame to provide support and to hold the fencing in place. Chicken wire fencing is used for outdoor livestock containment and protection from predators.

  • To install chicken wire fence, Chicken wires are pulled and one edge of the wire is aligned with the fence post.
  • Hammer poultry staples into the top, centre and bottom of the fence.
  • Staple gun is used to secure the area between the poultry staples.
  • The wire is stretched to the next section.
  • Excess wire is cut with wire cutters.

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