How To Remove Rhinestones From Fabric In Simple Steps


Acetone can be used to remove the rhinestones. Dip one end of a cotton swab in acetone. Acetone will loosen the adhesive’s grip on your material and remove both the rhinestone and the glue.

We need to do that, usually at the last minute when we want to go out but have nothing to wear. It’s either an old dress or a present with rhinestones on it that you want to be removed from your dress.

If you’ve done this previously and ruined your prior dress, I’m here to show you easier and safer ways to remove it.

Removing Rhinestones By Various Methods

Removing rhinestones from clothing can be challenging. Here is what you need to know to remove rhinestones from clothing.

1) By Lowering The Temperature

The cold method is the most gentle, easiest, and least expensive technique to remove rhinestones. However, only resinous glue will produce an entirely traceless and effective outcome when bonding the jewelry.

In such a case, take these steps:

  • Insert the object into the bag.
  • Put your clothing item in the freezer.
  • After 30 minutes, remove the product.
  • Remove the rhinestones with a sharp tool (such as a knife) – they should simply fall out.

2) By Means Of Heating

  • Crystals may also be removed from garments using heat. Follow the steps below
  • Turn the object inside out.
  • With an iron, heat the rhinestone placement.

Important! To avoid burning the object, use gauze or a piece of paper. Because the adhesive cools fast, remove the jewelry with quick strokes.

3) Using A Unique Soldering Iron (For Thermal Rhinestones)

If you need to remove thermal rhinestones, you’ll need a rhinestone-specific soldering iron. Such a gadget may be purchased at a specialized sewing store.Because this appliance is capable of reaching the melting point of the glue, continue as follows:

  • Pre-heat the soldering iron to the temperature necessary.
  • Attach the gadget to the crystal gently so that it glows. The adhesive base will melt in this instance.
  • Excess jewelry should be removed using tweezers.

Important! A red-hot crystal cannot be handled with your hands because it will burn you.

This approach has a huge disadvantage: there will be a mark on the garments after the adhesive, so use it only if you intend to replace the damaged crystal with a new one. Rhinestones, for example, have broken, discolored, dulled, and lost their luster.

4) Using Gasoline

For this approach, utilize the gasoline used in Zippo lighters. Before using the product, test the cloth for gasoline resistance. If the fabric permits, then:

  • Turn the item inside out.
  • Apply gasoline to the crystals’ position (the inside of the product).
  • Allow the item to remain on for a few minutes.
  • Tweezers are used to remove crystals.

How to remove rhinestone from fabric

Important! You may use white spirit for gasoline, but keep in mind that it is less mild and will not work on all materials.

As a result, before using this solvent, test the cloth for resistance. Both of these treatments are effective at removing rhinestones off jeans.

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How Can Glue Be Removed From Clothing?

There is currently no reliable, traceless procedure for removing rhinestones off clothing since a glue mark will remain on the fabric. As a result, we’ll look at a few popular methods for removing glue spots off clothing:

  • Denatured alcohol or vinegar can be used to eliminate the glue trace. Dampen a cotton wool or cloth with the product and thoroughly rub the stain. After 30 minutes, wash the product in warm water.
  • Acetone can also be used to dissolve the adhesive from the rhinestones, however this method is not ideal for thin, colorful textiles. Acetone should not be used on synthetic textiles.
  • If traditional cures did not remove the glue spots from the cloth, apply contemporary preparations available at any hardware shop. Because such products are based on silicon dioxide and propylene carbonate, any contamination will be removed rapidly.

When a woman sees something nice at a store, it is difficult for her to resist the desire to try it on. It appears to be gorgeous and elegant, and it fits wonderfully on the physique.

But something continues to perplex her. Some type of unnecessary detail that you simply despise. Rhinestones, for example.

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Secrets For Preventing Fabric Degradation

When it comes to removing adhesive off cloth after rhinestones, there are a few ways to try. The number of recommendations is limited, yet each one is critical:

How to remove rhinestone from fabric

  • When a chemical solvent is employed to dissolve the adhesive, it becomes stringy or gelatinous. The adhesive may then be swiftly and easily removed using a stationery eraser.
  • From the wrong side of the cloth, apply aggressive solvents to the glue. If the cloth is well soaked with solvent, the glue will fall out on its own.
  • If using a spray, apply the product from the front. The product must be rinsed after processing.
  • The new product is pre-tested on the wrong side to see how the fabric reacts to the composition.
  • After the process, you must wash your hands.


1. Can rhinestones be removed from clothing?

Acetone can be used to remove the rhinestones. Dip one end of a cotton swab in acetone. Now, invert the fabric or leave it as is, and apply acetone to the adhesive section. Acetone will loosen the adhesive’s grip on your material and remove both the rhinestone and the glue.

2. How can you remove sequins from a shirt?

Hairspray and washing are two simple methods. Spray your sparkling object with an aerosol hairspray first. Then, wash it in the washing machine and dry it on its own in the dryer. This should remove the most of the glitter, but you’ll need to clean the insides of the machines with a moist sponge.

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