29+Interior Decorating Ideas For Small Living Rooms


If your living room, family room, or living room seems cramped and uncomfortable, the last thing you want to do is spend time in it. But no matter how small a space is, a design strategy makes it look bigger than it is. We have come up with Interior Decorating Ideas For Small Living Rooms for you.

It’s not magic, and it’s just a matter of intelligent design and layout.

Be prepared to follow all these instructions and turn your little one’s room into a cozy and stylish oasis so that you and your home can have a great time. With these designer examples for guides, you’ll love the place so much you’ll never want to leave it.

How To Decorate A Small Living Room

  • Pay attention to the color palette

Gian Moore, a former interior designer and co-founder of Milan, said, “The important thing to remember when designing a small living room is to keep all the colors in the same colour palette – this creates a flow throughout the room. “Be sure to focus your attention on the monochrome and tonal colors that will move the charts.”

That doesn’t mean it can’t be painted, but it does mean that it can be applied to a color palette, be it cool tones of blue and green or warm tones like terracotta, beige, and rust.

  • Apply a layer of light

“It’s important to keep your lighting height high—so make sure you get a light bulb with low controls, lots of light fixtures, and wall lights,” says Moore. “Choose colors that are illuminating for tasks like reading, and create a light pool for the environment. Having wall lighting that moves soft columns of light up and down also lengthens the space.”

  • open walls (when possible)

You can add a clean, crisp and modern feel to your small room by opening up a few walls. “When you let the natural light on, the space opens up to a bright and fresh feeling,” says Kate Diaz, interior designer and co-founder of Swanky Dean.

“You can install floor-to-ceiling windows or doors or side panels. You can whitewash your walls in lighter colors to make them appear larger.

  • Create an accent wall

it’s better to use one accent wall to show off personality than multiple patterns on one wall. A well-chosen colour that will stand well in the center of your room.

  • Looking at the picture

Adding a photo to your living room will help give the space a more vivid and airy interior. You can try placing the glass on opposite walls to create a sense of space.

Interior Decorating Ideas For Small Living Rooms
Interior Decorating Ideas For Small Living Rooms
  • Install open wall cupboards

The concept of an open-ended shelter doesn’t seem like a good idea if you’re trying to reduce clutter—but if you want to create more light flooding, this type of ventilated unit can be used for closed or boxed shelving. The shelter would be much better than,

  • Choose neutral walls

If you choose bold colours—or go without them—you’ll want to paint the walls neutral. If you want to add some personality with bold colour routes, you can always add a pop of colour to choosing furniture pieces.

  • Mix floor and wall colours

Bright colours are great for your walls – but if you want to maintain a warm feeling, you can choose a darker colour. “The use of light colours on walls with deep floors will give it a clean look.”

  • Be strategic with your work of art

Appropriate wall art can add visual appeal to your space while taking away that it is smaller than average. It suggests hanging the artwork directly on your sofa instead of hanging around the room.

  • Choose versatile furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is a great way to save space, ensuring that your living room is as comfortable and functional. It can feel like choosing window seats or coffee tables to double up the books near the windows or decorative furniture that can also be used as a seating area.

  • Use different heights and depths

Experiment with furniture of varying heights and depths, such as sofas or chairs, to make the space appear more open than it is. Just because something looks small doesn’t mean there’s no room for creativity.

  • Consider small works of art

“You want to have any pictures or small walls and hang them only when it makes sense.” It will allow your walls to breathe and look wider than them.

  • Add a vase to your space

You don’t have to sacrifice makeup to keep your space clean. “Adding a vase to your space can enhance visual acuity without cluttering it up,” “I recommend using a glass or ceramic vase for a clean, tall view.”

  • Take a look at the wall

Wall sconces are a great way to add floor lighting without keeping the floor up. It suggests adding sconces to a graded wall detail or placing them in windows for a gallery-like effect.

  • Take advantage of the alcoves

“If you have the space, take a break from your couch until you feel comfortable.” If you have a small cave, you can hang a cupboard to make the most of the space or create a small corner for sitting.

Awkward Living Room Layout Ideas

Awkward room designs come in all shapes and sizes – from small walls to small spaces, we’ve designed them all. The Small living room is the center of the home, but when it has odd shapes or odd features, it can be impossible to work with the furniture and style of your room.

That’s why we cover some common design challenges here in one place. Read on for the best living room planning tips and exciting room design solutions!

  • The living room on the left

This high place in the room is an exciting and relaxed space with minimal noticeable living potential. The sloping ceilings instantly create a warm atmosphere, and a large window at the back of the room provides ample natural light for reading and sleeping in the sun. However, sloping ceilings make the design of the living room very awkward.

  • A long, cramped living room with walls full of windows

If you have a long and narrow space like this—which runs its length, with two entire walls of windows and one side open to the rest of the house—you may have difficulty finding the right arrangement and furniture.

A long and narrow space often doesn’t leave you with too many layout options. In a space like this, if you want to sit in a comfortable room to watch TV, the TV will probably only fit into one wall, limiting your layout options. But if you don’t need the TV to be the focal point, use their fantastic room design to your advantage and create a comfortable space to read, hug and relax – watching TV is optional.

Interior Decorating Ideas For Small Living Rooms
Interior Decorating Ideas For Small Living Rooms
  • Split the living and dining rooms

Split-level living and dining space is great as you get a living room and dining space with open airflow. It is an excellent setting for those who like to have fun, but it can also be a great place to design an unusual space.

Spacious level rooms mean you have less than half a wall, and that’s the most significant design challenge. Place small furniture on this wall so that you don’t overlook it. Here we chose a bench, but you can also try a Crenza for extra storage.

  • Budget apartment living room

The architectural details of this place should be used for fun, but the real problem here is the size. We needed space for living, entertaining, watching TV, active storage, and more. And we also wanted it to look good!

We gave the place lots of seats and a style that works in small spaces. This design works because it allows open traffic to enter the room and leaves enough room for furniture to move around. The sofa has a built-in side table so you can drop extra pieces of furniture, and the wall-mounted table and book story provides handy storage space to create more floor space.

  • Huge Open Meeting

Here is another Interior Decorating Ideas For Small Living Rooms. The living room is spacious, with a beautiful fireplace on each wall and floor-to-ceiling windows – much-needed design features but their challenges. With windows on every wall, it isn’t easy to design furniture.

We tackled this problem by adopting the previous furniture idea – it took the furniture off the walls and left it “swimming” in the middle of the room. Here we have made a big sofa in the middle of the room, which helps fill in the space and allows the TV killer to be seen.

Removing the sofa from the walls is the best solution for window interior design. And the room is big enough to have a cozy corner surrounded by the fire and add a smidge of space for kids to play with – giving you multiple uses in a single space.

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Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

The Small Apartment Living Room Ideas from tiny spaces to large living rooms, showcase great ways to increase your square footage without demos or modifications.

  • Stand by the Color Scheme

Adding a unified colour scheme to your space is a great way to make your studio or living room appear larger and less cluttered. We love the bohemian check look Senada Mohamedovich used in her Denver studio apartment.

  • Go long

Are you looking for living room ideas for a cramped room in a small apartment? Check out this lovely Brooklyn apartment for the perfect setting. To keep the look, look for furniture with small dimensions and tall, airy pieces that don’t have a lot of visual weight. To use every square inch of floor space, place essential items such as a sofa and large notebooks on the wall.

  • Elevate an alcove

Even a tiny alcove like this New York apartment can serve as a great living room. Emphasize the ease of tiny feet with soft textures and cool colours, which can intentionally make a small space seem smaller.

  • Setting up a Multipurpose Room

Don’t have enough space for a separate dining room, living room and lounge? Follow the example of this dreamy pink wall studio in Washington DC and take these areas out of the room. Using the right-sized furniture, this decorating strategy can intentionally make a design feel like an open floor project—not just a one-bedroom apartment.

  • Reduce Size and Structure

If you have a high ceiling in your house, you can use it to your advantage. Think vertically with glass, tall cabinets and curtains arranged a few inches above your primary windows, creating an eye-catching and larger home illusion. In addition to using a small sofa and small truck as a coffee table, these strategies make this stylish and compact Brooklyn studio look bigger and more spacious.

Long Narrow Living Room Layout Ideas

If your living room feels like a long hallway, use a few clever tricks to open up the space so you don’t feel like living in a bowling alley. You can push furniture against the walls to open up space in a long, narrow room, but the effect will only increase the size of the room, making it appear taller and narrower.

Minimize the risk of tunneling in your home with location control ideas.

  • Make the right way

It’s hard to make room for walking in a cramped room. With your organization, you’ll create an interior rather than a strange street at the center of your furniture. Arrange the seats on one side of the long wall of your room.

For example, place the sofa against a wall and close the two seats in front of the sofa. By creating a small seating area, you have created a clear path behind the seats in the long wall in front of the space. The effect is open seating for pedestrians.

Interior Decorating Ideas For Small Living Rooms
  • Create a Curved Pathway

Other Interior Decorating Ideas For Small Living Rooms. Divide the room into long spaces by creating an airway. Achieve this vision by using high walls of your furniture and dividing your space into two separate seating areas. You can quickly draw them yourself or use a free room planning app to draw zigzag lines on paper. For example, the two areas form a rotating stream in a long and narrow room.

Part 1: Place the sofa and chairs on the other side of the room against high walls. Place the chairs at an angle to the front of the sofa.

Part 2: Two chairs and a small table in the corner on one side of the sofa in the room.

As a result, I broke the feeling of tunneling into the room, zoning the space and creating a smooth flow throughout the room.

  • Remove furniture from walls

Furniture in a cramped room emphasizes the length of the space against the wall. Instead, keep all your furniture away from the walls and arrange it to sit in the middle of the room.Even if your furniture is only a few inches from the walls, it helps. The result will be a comfortable seating area with two narrow aisles on either side of the seating area.

  • Use a circular grind

Complete long horizontal lines with soft, round furniture. There are several easy ways to break the time limit for straight horizontal lines.

Use a round coffee table or ottoman in the middle of the seating area.

Place a small round table with chairs and a sofa.

Use round or bulb light bulbs and lampshades.

  • Create L or U shape seating

Place the sofa against the wall and place one or two love chairs on the sofa to divide the room’s length. Add another pretty chair or group of chairs to the other side of the sofa to organize the U-shaped chairs. It is another way to make way for the front of your room along a long wall.

  • Divide the Space

If your room is too long, divide it into two halves. Consider two different areas of communication. Another way is to create a more seating area and a smaller table or dining area. Use a field number to describe each field. Help keep both areas clean and tidy by placing all feet of each piece of furniture on the carpet.


1.How do you make a small living room look posh?

  • Hang your curtains high.
  • Pare Down Your Possessions.
  • Pick up your lampshade.
  • Mix your texture.
  • Large-Scale Showcase Art.
  • Display fresh flowers.

2.How do you make a small lounge cozy?

  • Strategically place tall pots.
  • Paint the walls in two colours.
  • The coffee table was traded for the excellent Turks.
  • Use console tables to define separate spaces.
  • Fill a large room with a large partition.
  • Natural light.
  • Create an intimate space just for two people.
  • Put on some blankets.

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