Cozy Small Balcony Ideas- Decorations For A Small Apartment Balcony


Cozy small balcony ideas are always perfect for those who live in apartments. Cute balcony ideas can wonderfully make a small balcony look beautiful and a private outdoor space where people can relax after a hectic day. Nowadays, most apartments have a large or small balcony.

Large balconies are specious enough and they can be decorated easily. But, if you have a small balcony in your apartment, you might find it difficult when it comes to decorating the balcony. Therefore, most people neglect it even if they can embellish their small balconies with some little effort.

That is why we are bringing here amazing decorating ideas for your small balcony. These ideas are less expensive. So, you don’t have to spend too much money to adorn your small balcony. You just need to do a little arrangement and that will work like magic.

Read on this guide to the end to know about furnishing your balcony. Let’s start.

Decorating The Apartment Balcony: Small Balcony Ideas

If you are thinking of your privacy, a small yet well-furnished balcony can give that place. You have furnished your room well, so why do you neglect your balcony? Are you worried about the expenses? Just don’t worry! We have shared in this article small apartment balcony ideas on a budget.

Cozy Small Balcony Ideas

Ideas for Small Balcony Decoration

A typical balcony can be decorated with small affordable furniture and little plants. Very small balcony ideas include an affordable deck, small and cute lightings, and plants. With these few things, you can relax on your cozy balcony on a warm summer evening. Here are some of the small balcony decorating ideas for you.

Decorate Your Apartment: Very Small Balcony Ideas

1.Add Affordable Furniture to Your Balcony

Cozy small deck decorating ideas for a small balcony can turn the place into a little cozy room. You can add a small table and a small chair to your balcony. And, if you have a built-in slab on your balcony, bingo! You can spruce them up easily.

You can easily install the interlock deck tiles to give the slabs a new look. After that, you can sit and relax on your private deck with a cup of coffee, or with your favorite wine.

2.Install a Balcony Privacy Screen for Apartments

If privacy is your first priority when it comes to decorating your small balcony, you can opt for installing an apartment balcony screen. A simple piece of glass will be perfect for a privacy screen on your small balcony. It will protect you from the scorching heat of the sun, wind, and other things whenever you wish to sit on your balcony.

If the glass is not your thing, you can make a half privacy screen for your balcony made of bamboo. Don’t worry! A privacy screen made of bamboo will come within your budget. With this privacy screen, you can enjoy a full view of your outdoors without any hesitation. It will also give you a refreshing atmosphere.

3.Decorate Your Balcony with Curtains

It will be a brilliant idea to adorn your small balcony and to make it a cozy place. You just have to hang curtains around the balcony and you are done. Now, you can opt for choosing bright multicolor curtains to allow an ample amount of sunlight on your balcony. Or you can just hang heavy dark-colored curtains if you wish to do so.

This is one of the best pocket-friendly ideas that you can use to decorate your balcony. Now, if you are using bright multi-colored curtains, make sure that you maintain the contrast colors when you add furniture to them. Thus, your balcony will look more beautiful.

4.Place Your Furniture Strategically

When your balcony is small, and you can only add a little furniture to decorate the balcony, you need to place your furniture strategically. Don’t go for choosing heavy furniture. You should keep in mind the fact that a minimalist look will be ideal for adorning your small and cozy place.

Always go for buying cheap balcony furniture if you want to set the place your budget. So, you can add a small mirror, small table, chair set, or single sofa set to your small balcony. Place an easy chair in one corner so that you can sit on it whenever you want.

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5.Decorate the Small Balcony with Plants

No other decorating ideas can match with this if you wish to add small plants to your balcony. Greenery is always ideal for decorating any kind of balcony. Not only does it give the place a new look, but also makes the entire atmosphere of the place revived.

Now, when you opt for deck decorating ideas with plants, you can’t just bring random plants and place them on the balcony. You need to select the plats very carefully. You can opt for buying plants like Angelonia, Coleus, Euphorbia, Impatiens Walleriana, Pansies, Violas, and other small plants for placing on your balcony. Buy containers for the plants accordingly.

Now you can just place them on the floor of the balcony, or you can hand them on the wall. If you have a built-in deck, you can place the plants on the side of the deck too. You can also place some special kinds of herbs to make the place smell good.

6.Decorate the Wall of the Balcony

To decorate the wall, you can add wall art that is weather-resistant. This will give your place a revived look. Also, you can opt for hanging planters.

7.Light Up Your Balcony

Here are some of the small balcony lighting ideas for you to prevent the place from being boring. You can hang lamps and lanterns from the ceiling of the balcony. Or you can just use a simple plug-in lamp.

You can also opt for adding lights like string lights, fairy lanterns, railing lanterns, trailing lights, festive lights, star lanterns, and others.

Cute Christmas Balcony Ideas

Decorating your balcony area in the festivals like Christmas is a fun job. Christmas is one of the greatest festivals of the year and your outdoor space must stand out from others these days. Here are some of the ideas that you can use to decorate your balcony on Christmas.

1.Decorate it with Lights

There is no other way to give a brighter look to your balcony without lights. You are always free to use lots of lights to adorn your balcony on Christmas. Go for decorating with string lights, hanging lanterns and lamps, fairy lights, railing lights, and others.

2.Add Wreaths and Garlands

Give your balcony a new look with the garlands, and multi-color glass ornaments. Also, you must add wreaths to your decoration. This will work like magic and your balcony will turn into a wonderland.

3.Christmas Bells, Snowman, and Santa

Don’t forget to hang Christmas bells from the ceiling of your balcony. Also, you can build a small and cute snowman, and Santa out of cotton.

4.Place Christmas Terrarium

DIY Christmas terrarium is one of the best things that you can place on your balcony. Make some and place them on the balcony table.

small balcony lighting ideas

5.A Christmas Tree

A DIY Christmas is a must thing to place on your balcony and decorate the place. You can decorate the Christmas tree itself with ribbons, stars, beads, and colorful papers. Place the tree in the middle of the balcony or in one corner.

6.Add Candles

If you didn’t have the time to decorate the balcony with lights, you can opt for lighting up several candles. If possible, use lamps, lanterns, and candles together to embellish the balcony at Christmas.

How Do You Make A Small Balcony Look Bigger?

Now, here you need to understand the concept of terrace vs balcony. A terrace is usually bigger and specious enough. But, there are multiple ways available to make your small balcony look a bigger one.

  • You should add custom furniture for the balcony area.
  • Keep folded furniture so that you can multi-use them.
  • Decorate the wall space of the balcony with weather-resistant wall art.
  • Add multiple plants to the balcony space.
  • Always buy small furniture for the balcony.
  • Use a carpet on the floor.
  • Paint the walls with contrasting colors.
  • Always opt for hanging lamps and lanterns from the ceiling.


1.How can I make a small balcony look nice?

Here are the methods by which you can make a small balcony look nice.

  • Add small furniture.
  • Decorate the space with plants.
  • Light up the candles.
  • Use plants on the balcony.
  • Go for hanging plants.
  • Use a carpet on the floor.
  • Decorate the built-in slabs.
  • Paint the walls.
  • Place an easy chair in one corner.

2.How do you make a small balcony cozy?

If you want to make your balcony a cozy one, you can go for installing a privacy screen on your balcony, or you can just hang curtains around the space. Also, add a small chair and table, plants, floor pillows, carpet to your small balcony.

To Sum It Up

With these pocket-friendly ideas, now, you don’t have to think much about decorating your balcony. So, if you are shifting to a new apartment soon, the balcony is yours. All the best!

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