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Bedroom decoration is no easy peasy task. It needs a lot of thinking, planning, putting effort, and execution to make a bedroom look truly and beautifully amazing. You might think that putting an expensive wallpaper might bring life to your bedroom, but that is not really the case. In fact, it can turn your bedroom into the complete opposite of what you want.

You see, the bedroom is a very personal space, and hence many of us these days want DIY decor ideas for the bedroom to make their most personal space beautiful. 

If you are here for some of the most terrific DIY bedroom decor ideas, then you have hit the right place. We are here to talk about how to turn your sweet little personal space into a truly beautiful room where you would want to walk in at the end of every single day.

We have ideas for decorating small bedrooms, large bedrooms, and every other size room. We are going to discuss the ideas for creating an expensive look in the bedroom, and we are also going to talk about how to decorate your bedroom even if you have no money.

DIY Decorating Ideas For Bedroom Walls

Decorating walls is one of the most important things to spruce up your bedroom. Just putting around expensive furniture in your bedroom is not sufficient. You really need to do something with those walls to truly bring some colors into your living space. Take a look at these DIY decorating ideas for bedroom walls to beat life into those walls.

diy decorating ideas for bedroom walls
diy decorating ideas for bedroom walls

Canvas Art

This is perhaps the most modern and the best idea for your bedroom walls. We know that you are no Picasso, but trust us, you can do it! 

 So, what would you need to execute this DIY idea? 

  • A few blank canvases
  • Brushes
  • Colors

Take a canvas and draw what you want. Even if you don’t know painting, just give a few artistic strokes of the brushes on the canvas, let the canvas dry out, and then hang them on your bedroom wall.

DIY Jewelry Organizer & Wall Hanger

The reason we wear jewelry is that it makes us look pretty. But have you ever thought that jewelry can actually give your wall a very pretty look? This DIY bedroom idea concerns you about making a ‘jewelry hanger.’ Let’s see how you can get this DIY wall decor idea for the bedroom into effect:

  • A plank of wood
  • Wall anchors ( as many as you need) 
  • Wallpaper to stick on the plank of wood
  • Screws to nail on the wooden plank
  • Some pretty looking jewelry pieces to render your wall a bling
 Jewelry Organizer & Wall Hanger
Cheap diy decorationg ideas for bedroom

Washi Tape Art

Washi tape art is a fun way to add a pop of color to your bedroom walls. In this DIY method, all you need is a blank frame and A few washi tapes of the colors of your choice. Take the frame and place the washi tapes in a plaid pattern to create a colorful design for your wall.

What Should I Put Above My Bed?

The outlook of the wall above your bed can make or break the look of your bedroom. People most often make the mistake of keeping the wall above their beds blank.

However, if you want to add an interesting touch to your bedroom, never make this mistake. You can decorate the wall above your bed in variable fashions. Let’s have a look: 

  • DIY Canvas Art
  • Picture Frames
  • DIY Paper flowers
  • Install a self-made shelf
  • Mirrors
  • DIY book lampshade

DIY Ideas For A Modernized Bedroom Look

diy decor ideas for small bedrooms,asthetic room ideas neon room ideas
small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget

These days people are switching over to a modernized bedroom look over the traditional look of the bedroom. If you find yourself asking, ”how do I modernize my bedroom?” You are not the first one. Here are some easy peasy ideas to give your bedroom a modern touch.

  • Start with painting your walls in light or neutral hues
  • Add a few pieces of Diy accessories
  • DIY canvas with modern art is a must
  • Use sandpaper to give a modern look to your old wooden cabinet
  • Choose furniture of the right size
  • Do not overcrowd the bedroom (most important) 

10 Best Colors For Your Bedroom

Gone are the days when individuals opted to paint their bedroom walls in blue, red, yellow, and green colors. These days it is all about change. People are opting for more natural, toned-down, and subtle hued walls.

So if you are asking, ”which is the best color for bedroom?” here are our top 10 picks of the best colors for your bedroom.

  • Beige
  • Cream
  • Cloud grey
  • Lavender
  • Mint green
  • Teal
  • Dusty pink
  • Cobalt blue
  • Tranquil white
  • Hues of brown

Most Relaxing Bedroom Colors

These days people are more stressed, they need t return to a place which would soothe them. Hene, the demand for a relaxing bedroom color has shot up. So, What is the most relaxing color for a bedroom? Let’s find out: 

Which is the best color for bedroom?
relaxing and cool colors for bedroom
  • Ocean blue
  • Angel’s Kiss White
  • Pale yellow
  • Soft green
  • Pastel purple

The Must-Haves for All Bedrooms

As decor experts, we have come to the conclusion that every bedroom must have a few things to make it look amazing. The best part is you can make most of these things yourself. So what should every bedroom have?

 The must-haves things for every bedroom, in our opinion, are stated below.

  • DIY corner shelves
  • Floorlamp with paper lampshade
  • A side table
  • A modern looking bed
  • A comfy chair
  • Indoor plants (very important)
  • Pretty curtains
  • Canvas frames or photo frames

How Can I Make my Bedroom Look Expensive?

Having a bedroom that looks lavish and luxurious is the dream of all. But unfortunately, not all of us have a huge sum of money to spend on decors. But did you know you can actually spruce of your bedroom and make it look really expensive without spending a fortune on it?

 The trick here is, there are a few essentials that you need to incorporate in your bedroom to give it a lavish look. You might perhaps be wondering how you can make a bedroom look expensive without spending money? That’s when our advice would come to your use.

  • Add a rug to your floor.
  • A good wallpaper on one of the walls is a must
  • Display art (modern arts work better)
  • Fluff your pillows (if possible, overfill them) 
  • Add a few statement pieces instead of many small decors
  • Add plush looking plants to your bedroom


Cheap diy decorationg ideas for bedroom,beautiful ideas for room decoration,fairylight decoration for room
diy decor ideas for bedroom

If you do these few things, then your bedroom would look luxurious for sure. 

5 Steps to Make Your Bedroom Look Beautiful

Looking for a beautiful bedroom or wondering how can I make my bedroom beautiful? You can do this in 5 simple steps:

Assess The Space Well

 See, you can only choose the best furniture for your bedroom if you know the kind of space that you have. You will have to take note of every nook and cranny in your bedroom. The Windows, the direction of the door, the corners, etc., should be on your note list. Choose furniture only after you have assessed your bedroom space very well, or else you might end with a cramped space. 

 Use A Combination Of Light Hues And Wallpaper

 Painting all four walls in a room is a style statement of the past decade. These days, rooms are actually smaller because the space of living is decreasing day by day. To let natural air and light come in, paint your wall in welcoming, bright and light shades. 

Also, it is best to go for wallpaper on one of the walls, preferably the wall which has the headboard of your bed. If you are going for light color paint, then there is no harm in settling for a wallpaper with a slightly darker tone.

However, 3D wallpapers are perhaps the best in giving your bedroom a modernized and yet very beautiful look. 

Add Mirrors!

 You have no idea the magic mirror can bring to your bedroom decor until and unless you have seen them. Mirrors in your bedroom reflect light, and it looks simply outstanding! You can opt to place multiple Mirrors on the wall or add one statement mirror in one corner strategically so that it reflects maximum light.

decoration near mirror,vanity decor for room
DIY Decor Ideas For Bedroom

Adding Mirrors in your bedroom makes it look bigger and gives it a feeling of being airier. Even if you don’t accessorize the walls much, adding a mirror in your bedroom will spruce up the look in very many ways.

Go For Good Quality Wooden Furniture

 There is something inordinately earthy about wooden furniture that plastic or steel simply cannot replicate. Wooden furniture looks very nice in bedrooms. We agree that wooden furniture does cost more than any other type of furniture, but it is worth it. 

If you can invest in teak furniture as that does not attract termites, then that kind of wooden furniture can last for generations. So adding a wooden bed, dressing table, almirah in your bedroom would definitely be a plus point as far as beautification is concerned.

Plants, Plants, And More Plants! 

By repeating ”plant” thrice, we ain’t asking you to make your bedroom look like a Jungle by any means. What we mean is adding one or two indoor plants in your bedroom would make it look really beautiful.

Plants are low maintenance, it does not require food, it will not bug you at night, and it gives you oxygen! 

Adding a plant in your bedroom is not only cost-effective but also a healthy option for you. If you desire to go a little more experimental, then you can add one of those larger plants that stem out and reach the ceiling. It is indeed a bold look that is going to give your bedroom a statement effect! Try it out, thank me later. 

DIY Decorations Depending On The Size Of Your Bedroom

Some people are worried that certain decorations will not sit as the size of the bedroom is too small or large. We cannot completely chuck out this statement either because the suitability of DIY decorations for bedrooms depends on their size to some extent. People find it tough to make things for bedrooms that are small or too large. 

DIY Decoration For Small Bedrooms

If your bedroom is a tad small, you can create the following DIY things to give it an aesthetic touch. Do you know whats the best part is? These small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget are indeed terrific! 

DIY Decoration For Small Bedrooms,diy craft ideas for room
DIY Decoration For Small Bedrooms
  • Little ribbon florets
  • DIY flower vases
  • DIY personalized pillow covers ( it can have initials or embroidery) 
  • Little hanging lamps with fairy lights 

DIY Decorations For Large Bedrooms: 

If your bedroom is way too large and you think that there is nothing possibly you can ake that would look nice/noticeable in your bedroom, then you are a tad wrong. Over here, we have some of the best DIY Decor Ideas For Bedroom for large bedrooms for you: 

  • Make a DIY large vase for the room corner 
  • DIY embellished mirror 
  • DIY twig bowls (For end table) 
  • Homemade large wall hangings 

More Tips To Make Your Bedroom More Amazing: 

You might be thinking, how can I make my bedroom beautiful, over and over but ending up with no final thoughts to act upon. Well, here are some of the simplest and easy to follow tips that will come in handy if you are redoing your bedroom decor: 

  • Go for a lighter shade of wall paint
  • Don’t leave the walls blank- Accessorize it! 
  • Buy furniture according to floor space available.
  • Use the ample lights in your bedroom
  • A pop of color always helps. 

Ways To Maintain Positivity In Your Bedroom

A question that has been bothering millions is, ”how do I keep positive energy in my bedroom?” Well, here are a few simple ways by with you can maintain a positive aura in your bedroom: 

sitivity In Your Bedroom
DIY Decor Ideas For Bedroom
  • Use a curtain on the bathroom door if you have an attached bathroom
  • Aromatize your bedroom (incense, scented candles, diffuser, anything that works) 
  • Sage & Palo Santo
  • Crystals
  • Buddha images/ idols 

Wrapping Up

Decorating your bedroom might look like a lot of tasks, but once you have the right ideas in mind, it will not be such a problem. You can make DIY decorations and place them anywhere in your bedroom; just make sure that it suits the place, and the color combination is well.

DIY decors in bedrooms spruce up the place with a note of personal touch that store-bought decors perhaps cannot imitate. Hence, DIY decors are always a good idea for bedrooms. 

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