Planning the Best Bow Tie Baby Shower Themes


A Mother giving birth is a wondrous phenomenon. Baby showers are beautiful occasions celebrating
this warm welcome to the unborn. Mother is surrounded by people she loves, “showering” her with
happiness and gifts.A Bow Tie Baby Shower Themes keeps the aura of celebration exciting, holding the party together.

The formality of a bow-tie with the light-hearted gathering for the unborn little man is unique enough to
rile up your guest’s curiosity. You welcome your little man with a touch of creativity and happiness in

Little Man Themed Baby Shower

A mother always wants her baby to grow as a fine gentleman. People commemorate that hope, by
throwing the “little man” baby shower. The future gentleman is welcomed with a dash of beautiful
decorations and a bow-tie-themed dress code.

Bow Tie Baby Shower Themes

To get you acquainted with a typical little man baby shower, we’ll take you through a vast range of ideas
guiding you through your planning, in this amazing image collection, by Pinterest.
A gentleman has the fanciest mustache to define his style. Define your party with these Bow Tie Baby Shower Themes
ideas, with moustache accessories
Gather supplies for your little man’s party, specially designed to enhance your party, here.

Celebrating A Cozy Baby Shower At Home

Celebrating baby showers within your walls is the warmest feeling one can have. Welcoming a new family
member is best done by throwing a cozy baby shower at home.
During pandemic times, a homely baby shower seems most appropriate. Some ideas to get you started
for a budgeted baby shower at home are:
Make a list of possible guests you would like to invite.
● Select an appropriate date and time for your baby shower. It can be historically significant as well.
● Select a theme that best describes your aesthetic of your future child
● Buy decorations matching your theme particularly. These video tutorials can help you plan and
execute along the way
● Send out the invitations
● Dress the best and smile the widest for your guests!

When Can I Host A Baby Shower?

Every couple likes to select a personal date to welcome the unborn. Reports observe women picking a
date around the fifth or sixth month of their pregnancy. The due date is just around the corner, and it
plays for a more anticipating celebration for most families.

Many families follow this tradition, after the arrival of the baby. The mother is showered with gifts with her child in arms. Such a kind is lively and invites more guests, as people would want to see the newborn.

Eventually, it’s your own baby you are welcoming. Nowhere is written to follow the same traditional
timeline. However, remember to pick a date early enough for the comfort of the mother enjoying the
celebrations, steering clear from any premature arrivals.

The Tastiest Recipes For Your Baby Shower

Your guests shower the mother with many gifts. What better way to give them back than serve the best
food? You can always make your recipes theme-based and gender-specific. Let us first look at easy
recipes you can make.

Ice cream cupcake: This simple recipe, enmeshing “Ice Cream” and “cupcake” together, will water
up the children’s mouths instantly.
Mini chocolate cakes: Your little man waits for you as you serve a little cake of chocolate for your
Gluten-free rose and pistachio cake: Having guests over who are gluten-sensitive? This Persian
the rose-petaled recipe will definitely save your day for that.
Mini okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes): Taste the flavor of Japan from these Osaka-themed
pancakes, making your celebration multicultural.
Salted chocolate Madeira cakes: A little salt never hurts with sugar. This recipe will best prove that
statement, for your baby shower.
Mixed vegetable frittata with onion relish: The Australian delicacy will make your boring veggies
taste incredible for your child guests.
Chicken tikka masala skewers with raita: The Shahi Indian cuisine blends perfectly with a bow-tie
etiquette of baby showers.

little man baby Shower Themes

A Perfect Baby shower Food Display For Your Recipes

You have the best recipes ready for your guest.But, it doesn’t stop there. Your delicious food needs a
fancy makeover too!

Guests must see the magic of your kitchen in the prettiest bow-tie displays. Some of the simple, yet
attractive ways you can display your food are done with the cheapest of resources, suggested.

Bow-Tie Table Setting

Table-setting includes decorations laid on the food table, giving your delicious meals a touch of welcome
and grace. Some ways to embellish your recipes are :

Fancy Bowtie Food Labels

Name: You can keep food labels traditional, or spice them up with a theme-based name. To make a mini-
chocolate cake is more appropriate, you can name it “Little Man chocolate cake”.
Design: To match with your bowtie agenda, design your food labels like this. To stay clean and hygienic, keep some napkins, designed like these cute ones, handy. You do not want your guests to wipe their
hands on their own ties! You can add on other amenities to beautifully decorate your table, like small
showpieces, and a nice color-coded table cloth.

Bowtie Cookies And Treats

Cookies are your go-to snacks for kids and a great food decor to add. Try some of the best recipes from

Eye-Catching Bow Tie Baby Shower Decorations

It is not just the food table that needs a makeover alone. Your whole house needs to look the brightest
when it welcomes your guests and you celebrate the birth of your little unborn. You will be surprised to
see that from things at your home, you can make the cutest DIY home decorations.

BowTie Onesie Banner

Banners are the most eye-catching decorative crafts. You can cut out bold letters on colorful paper, and
hang them out like this. Or, you can be more theme-centered with your decorations, making a velvet cloth
bowtie, like this one.

Bowtie Balloons

Balloons are one of the must-haves for any celebration. Brighten up your baby shower party with big
balloons, in bold colors, and grasp the Bow Tie Baby Shower Themes party. They can be either uni-colored or bowtie-themed. You can also write names on the balloons themselves.

Bowtie Candy Bags

We all know children love candies more than anything in this world. To return the favor of gifts received
for your little man, you can always gift guest’s children with some goodies and treats.

Cut out some paper bowties to make pretty candy wrappers, or simply wrap the papers in a bowtie
manner. Design candy bags with mustaches, draw quotes, and pictures to make them colorful.

Bow Tie Baby Shower Themes

Bowtie Invitation Cards

You want all your guests to see your decorations and eat the food you made with so much care for the
baby shower you planned. For them to catch your sight, you need attractive invitation cards to gauge
their interest. Innovate them with simple bowtie cut-outs. Add a heartwarming message that’s simple and
Explore some more ideas from the links below!
Etsy carries the cutest bow-tie invitation designs to impress your younger guests.

Get these playful invitation card designs to save the date and save your last-minute preparation!
Curated especially for invitations, Basicinvite offers cards, helping you in coming up with ideas to craft
your invitations.

Running out of ideas is never a problem when Zazzle presents to you a huge collection of specially
curated bow-tie baby shower invitations.

Themed DIY Cakes For Your Baby Shower

No party is complete without a big tiered cake. Cakes are the center of the food table and the party. Who
says you have to spend too much money for a cake ordered from lavish bakeries.,when your kitchen is all
you need? There are plenty of DIY cake ideas that you can explore, and try out at home. It will be within
your budget and look perfect for your food display for Bow Tie Baby Shower Themes.

Themed cakes – Use this simple recipe for a homemade baby shower cake, and change the color
from pink to blue instead. You can also add giant icings, in mustache shapes.

Gender-reveal cakes: Make a fun gender reveal cake, taking help from these amazing recipes. Your
the party will surely light up with the added surprise element.

The Bible’s Stance On Baby Showers

The Jesus nativity scene, where holy shepherds surround baby Jesus’s cradle, resembles the event of
modern baby showers.Chritian bible has many relevant verses for the unborn. Start your celebrations
by reciting a few , commemorating your little man’s birth in the praise of God.

  1. 1 Samuel 1: 27 – “I prayed for this child; and Yahweh has given me my petition which I
    asked of him.”
  2. Jeremiah 1: 5 – “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I
    sanctified you. I have appointed you a prophet to the nations.”
  3. Jeremiah 29: 11 – “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,” says Yahweh,
    “thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you hope and a future.”
  4. Psalm 127:3-5 – “Behold, children are a heritage of Yahweh. The fruit of the womb is his
    reward. As arrows in the hand of a mighty man, so are the children of youth. Happy is the
    man who has his quiver full of them. They won’t be disappointed when they speak with
    their enemies in the gate.”
  5. Proverbs 22:6 – “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not
    depart from it.”
theme idea for baby shower

Who Throws The Baby Shower ?

From family members to best friends, anyone can throw a baby shower for the couple’s celebratory
moment. They dedicate time to planning an event to remember. Common traditions follow :
● Baby showers are for the couple to enjoy, and never host. Historically, distant acquaintances
threw them for mothers, to avoid prejudice against the greed for gifts. This backdated practice has
certainly changed now.

● Sisters, aunts, or grandmothers, today, are the primary hosts of a baby shower. They’re the
closest to the newborn’s family and especially have a close bond with the mother

● Close friends or sisters-in-law are fairly common to plan and throw a baby shower of her dreams.
Being the unborn’s godmother, they make the best baby shower hosts.

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