How to Recharge Glow Sticks – The Easy Way


If you want to glow your glow stick again, there is a way to recharge it. Generally, glow sticks have a very short span of life. But you can recharge it and use it again by using some tricks.

So here in this article, we are going to tell you how to recharge glow sticks. Do go through the entire article to know the full process.

How To Make A Glow Stick Work Again

You can do it by following the two methods below.

  1. By extending the glow.
  2. By adding a short burst of bright glow.

Let us discuss the first method first.

How to Recharge Glow Sticks
How to Recharge Glow Sticks

1. Extend The glow

  • First of all, you have to find out a bit of extra light. To do that, you have to crack your glow stick down at several points of its length. Glow stick lights are results of a reaction of two chemicals.

Cracking down the stick breaks the glass in which one chemical is kept, and helps in mixing the two chemicals again to produce light. But remember, do not crack all the sticks. That will break the entire stick, and you won’t get any result.

  • Put the sticks in an air tight plastic bag, take all the air out of the bag and seal it.
  • Put the glow stick under a frozen object in a freezer. This will help in freezing the liquid inside the stick and will prevent it from reacting.
  • After an hour, take the bag out of the freezer and shake it. if it does not work for you, put the bag back in the freezer for the whole night.

2. Add A Short Burst Of Bright Glow

  • Put water in a pot and boil the water until it begins to steam. Heat will speed up the reaction of the chemicals.
  • Pour the warm or boiled water to a pot. If you fully boiled the water, allow it to cool down for five minutes.
  • Put your glow sticks in the water for thirty seconds. This will help you to get an extra light of your glow stick.

By these two methods, you can give your glow stick an extra life!

How To Keep Glow Sticks Glowing

If you want your glow stick to keep glowing, you need to know how to preserve glow sticks first. And to preserve glow sticks, you have to keep putting them inside the freezer. That is because, when you put the sticks in the freezer, the chemical reaction that helps the sticks to glow slows down and prevents those sticks from glowing. This will help your glow sticks to keep glowing.

How To Make A Glow Stick Last Forever

If you want your glow sticks to last forever, then you need to put them in the freezer. This will prevent the chemicals from reacting, and the sticks will last longer. Putting the sticks inside the freezer will work as a recharge to your glow sticks.

How Long Do Glow Sticks Last In The Freezer

It depends entirely on the packaging. Generally, if you pack glow products in foils, they can last for up to 4 years. But if you put them without foil packaging, they will last only for 1 year.

how to make glow stick work again
How to Recharge Glow Sticks

How to Turn Off A Glow Stick

Unfortunately, there is no way to turn a glow stick off. They glow because of the chemical reactions inside them. Glow sticks generally have an 8-12 hours life span. If you want to make it longer, we will advise you to put them inside the freezer.

Why Do Glow Sticks Stop Glowing?

Glow sticks stop glowing because the chemical reaction inside them stops. The glow is the result of a chemical reaction, and in the reaction, it uses the hydrogen peroxide and the diphenyl oxalate present in the chemical. When these two components end, the sticks stop glowing.

How Do You Make Glow Stick Brighter

You need to put the sticks in warm water. It will energize the hydrogen peroxide present in the chemical of the glow stick and the glow will be brighter.

How Long Do Glow Sticks Last Once Cracked

Generally, glow sticks have a life span of 8-12 hours. But some colors do last long for even up to 24 hours.


1. What Happens When You Put a Glow Stick in the Freezer?

When you put a glow stick in the freezer, it prevents the chemicals from reacting. This helps in getting an extra life for the glow stick and helps it to glow for a bit longer.

2. What Can You Do with Old Glow Sticks?

You can add extra life to them by putting them into the freezer for half an hour. This will prevent the chemicals from reacting, and the stick will get an extra life.

3. Is There a Glow Stick that Lasts Forever?

Well, yes! The Evike Infinity Stick lasts longer than your imagination. It gets life from sunlight. 1 minute of sunlight can recharge it for 10 hours of glow. So virtually, this is the glow stick that lasts forever.

4. What is the Longest Lasting Glow Stick?

The Evike Infinity Glow Stick. It gets life from any source of light. 1 minute under the sunlight can make it glow for 10 hours. So this is the longest-lasting glow stick in the world.

5. What is Inside a Glow Stick?

There are chemicals inside a glow stick that help it to glow. Those chemicals are Hydrogen Peroxide and Diphenyl Oxalate.

How to Recharge Glow Sticks
How to Recharge Glow Sticks

6. Can I Put Glow Stick in the bathtub?

Yes of course! You can always have a glow stick bath. Just crack a few of them and put them into the bathtub, and then put off the lights. You get an amazing experience of taking a bath!

7. Can Glow Sticks Go in Water?

Yes. Glow sticks do work underwater. Though, the life span of the stick depends on the temperature, depth, and pressure of the water.

8. What is Inside a Glow Stick Toxic?

The substance which is used inside the glow sticks is actually Dibutyl Phthalate. Though it is low in toxicity, it can cause irritation on the skin if it comes in contact.

9. Are Glow Sticks Radioactive?

Actually, the dyes which are used inside the glow stick generally exhibit fluorescence when you expose it to the U-V radiation. That is why a dead glow stick can shine under a black light.

The Final Words

We hope we have cleared all your queries related to glow sticks. Glow sticks are such a great thing. Use them for lighting effects anywhere you want to. All the best!

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