Procedures For Making Extra Long Curtain Rods


A curtain rod is also known as “curtain pole”, “curtain rail” and “traverse rod”. It is the device through which curtains are hanging above windows. Curtain rods can be of plastic, wood, and metals. It is of various styles and patterns. The prices of curtain rods depend on their size and materials used. In this article, we will know how to make extra long curtain rods.

In 1892, Samuel R. Scottron invented curtain rods and in the year 1907, Charles W. Kirsch, invented “modern flat and telescoping” curtain rods. Although the curtain rods were invented earlier, it was in use from the 1920s. Kirsch also invented “traverse curtain rods” in 1928.

Curtain rods should extend from the original size of windows. To provide the illusion of wide and broad windows generally, the curtain rods should extend up to 10 inches on each side of the windows.

how to make extra long curtain rods
how to make extra long curtain rods

DIY Extra Long Curtain Rod

In order to make extra long curtain rods, the following steps are taken into considerations-

  1. Collecting of essential materials-
    1. A straightest piece of electrical conduit (that protects electrical wiring) is taken.
    2. Keeping in mind the length of the actual curtain rod, an additional 10 feet are required to keep.
    3. A set of coupler and screws are needed to fix the conduit against the wall.
    4. Brackets are also needed to provide support to the conduit. The brackets should be as per the size of the conduits.
    5. Finials are needed in case of telescoping rod.
  1. Cutting the conduit as per the requirement-
    1. The previously collected conduit should be cut as per the required size of the rod with the help of pipe cutters.
  1. Painting and furnishing the conduit-
    1. Conduits are well scrubbed.
    2. Primers are applied to the conduits, brackets, finials.
  1. Assembling all parts-
    1. The conduits are attached with the coupling and then put in the brackets.
    2. The screws are used to put the entire setting against the windows.
    3. A hole is drilled to join finial with the wall.
  1. Hanging the curtains-
    1. Some paste waxes are applied on top of the curtain rod before hanging the curtains. This is mainly done to smoothen the surface of the rod.

Methods To Install Curtain Rods

To install curtain rods several steps are followed-

  1. At first, curtains are bought.
  2. Proper decision should be taken regarding the length of the curtains from top to bottom.
  3. Then the width of the curtain is determined.
  4. Proper decision is needed regarding the placement of rod, whether to install on the casing or on the wall outside the casing.
  5. Proper measurement of the height of the rod.
  6. Correct markings for fixing the brackets.
  7. Mid-brace can be added if needed.
  8. Drilling a pilot hole for fixing the screws.
  9. Checking the level of the rod and screwing the brackets.
  10. Putting on the curtains.
how to make extra long curtain rods
how to make extra long curtain rods

How Much Bigger Should Curtain Rods Be Than Windows?

Curtain rods should always be wider than the windows. This enhances the window to look bigger, wider. The excess length of the rod will allow drawing the curtains fully to either side. Whatever is the length of the window, the curtain rods must be 8 to 12 inches longer than the original window size. This means 4 to 6 inches on each side of the window.

Weight Limits Of Curtain Rods

Curtain rods have weight limits, and it also depends on the quality of the rod. A designer metaled curtain rod can allow weight up to 9 IBS per foot, whereas any fluted rod can hold 1.5lbs per foot. This indicates that any 8-inch wide window curtains can bear weight up to 7 to 12 lbs.

How Many Inches Should The Curtain Rod Extends Past The Window?

At the time of installing the curtain rods, the rod should extend up to 8 to 12 inches altogether. That means 4 to 6 inches on either side of the windows. This arrangement will allow the curtains to overlap and hence prevent excess light to surpass the room. The window also looks wider and broad.

How Far Can Curtain Rods Span?

For curtain rods of diameter, 2 inches or 3-inch span of two brackets of width 96 inches are enough. For extra support, it is compulsory to provide a third-rod bracket as central support.

But for metal rods of diameter 1 inch needed span of two brackets of 60 inches.

What Happens If Curtain Don’t Touch The Floor?

Short curtains are not suitable as it looks outdated if curtains hang more than an inch above the ground. The decor of the room also looks poor. Short curtains make the ceiling look lower.

In some cases, where the window is above a radiator, obviously short curtains are preferable. For kids’ rooms, small curtains are favorable. So the length of the curtains is determined on the basis of the purpose of the room.

How High To Hang Curtain Rods For 84 Inch Curtains?

The height of the rod depends on the length of the curtains,how to make extra long curtain rods. For 84 inch long curtains, the rod should be placed 84 inches from the floor, when the curtain hangs from the rod but without rings. This makes the ceiling looks bigger and wider.

What Size Curtain Rods Are Needed For 72 Inch Window?

Curtain rods should be twice or thrice longer than the windows. The width of the rod is measured from left to right. If the window is 72inch wide then the curtain rod should be 144 inches, that is the width of the window x 2, (72×2=144). But for proper measurement, it is better to take a round off of the acquired measurement that is 150 inches. So the size of curtain rods for the 72-inch window is 150inches.

how to install curtain rods
how to make extra long curtain rods

What Is A Standard Curtain Width?

There are three standard curtain widths-

  • 112 cm or 44 inches.
  • 167 cm or 66 inches.
  • 228 cm or 90 inches.

What Width Curtains Are Needed For A 6 Feet Window?

The width of the curtains should be twice or thrice the width of the window. So for a 6 feet window, the curtain width must be 12 feet (6×2=12) or 18 feet (6×3=18). But for convenience, it should be around 20 feet.

What Is The Best Way To Hang Heavy Curtains?

For hanging heavy curtains, several ways are to be considered-

  • Measuring height and width of the window.
  • Arranging proper rods and subsequent tools for fixing.
  • If the curtain weighs 30 pounds then the rod should be of 10 feet.
  • After fixing the brackets, the curtains are hanged.

How To Hang Heavy Curtains Without Studs?

Drywall anchor and screw can be used to hang heavy curtains without studs. Brackets are an essential element for fixing rods. The screw can be fitted only if drywall anchors are attached.

What Is The Easiest Way To Hang A Curtain Rod?

The easiest way to hang curtain rods are-

Using command hooks.

Using curtain rod brackets.

Using tension rod curtains.

Using coat hooks.

Putting magnetic curtain rods.

How much weight can a double curtain rod hold?

The rod’s weight is divided in order to obtain weight per foot of the rod.

A double curtain rod can hold up to 4 pounds per foot.

How to hang a heavy curtain rod on dry wall?

To hang heavy curtain rod on drywalls-

Pilot holes are drilled with a hammer in the drywall anchors; the brackets are placed and fixed with screws. After putting the curtain panels with the rod, the finial is attached and the rod is fastened with the bracket.

How To Make Curtain RodsLonger?

To make curtain rods longer-

  • Two similar curtain rods are purchased, “rod A and rod B”. Both of them have two finials each.
  • From rod “A” and “B” one finial and a smaller pieces are removed.
  • Smaller piece of rod “A” are attached with rod B and vice-versa to create a long curtain rod.
  • Finials that are opened are now attached to the final end of the rod.
  • The curtain rod is ready to hang the curtain.

Materials To Be Used Instead Of Curtain Rods

curtain rods for long windows
curtain rods for long windows

Although curtain rods are widely used for hanging curtains, sometimes some other materials can be used in substitute of curtain rods in any urgent situation.

  1. Nails- It is very easy to hang curtains, but curtains cannot be moved.
  2. Tree branch-It is a natural element, but tree branches are not available everywhere.
  3. Copper pipes- It resembles the curtain rods and can be a perfect substitute.
  4. Rope– Designed and good quality ropes can be used, and it is easy to handle also.
  5. Hangers and string- This is readily available, but very short to cover a wide window.

What Is The Longest Curtain Rod One Can Get?

The longest curtain rods that one can get very easily are 120 inches to 170 inches long. But if longer curtain rods are needed, then curtain rod connectors are used to join two or more curtain rods up to 240 inches to fulfill the desired requirement of the curtains.

How To Connect Two Curtain Rods Together?

A curtain rod connector is used to connect two curtain rods. Two or more rods of the same quality, diameter are connected to create one long piece with the help of a curtain rod connector. For obtaining a perfect shape, holes are drilled at the end of the rods, and then it is fixed with a screw to the other end of another rod.

How to keep curtain rods from getting caught?

To prevent curtain rods from getting caught, the measures are-

  • Spraying of dry silicone also prevents dirt, dust and enhances smooth movement of curtains.
  • Applying of Curtain slide tape for easy sliding of the rings.
  • Using a piece of unused measuring tape, either with glue or double-sided tape, over the uneven gaps.
  • Using custom cut curtain rods that come with the exact length required without any damage as there is no connector for the rings to get caught.

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