Blue Curacao Recipes


Are you a big cocktail fan? If, then I guess you must have heard about Blue Curacao or Blue Curacao Recipes. But if you have never heard of it or don’t know what is it, then here’s what you need to know about it before using it.

Blue Curacao is a very well-known blue-colored intoxicant that is used to make a beautiful and variety of cocktails. The Dutch settlers on Curacao, an island in the Caribbean, invented it in the 19th Century. Originally, the liqueur was found in several colors like red, green, clear blue, orange.

But now, they are mostly found in blue and clear. The liqueur has become people’s favorite over all these years as it gives the cocktail a bright blue shade that is mostly used in the beach resort.

Blue Curacao Liqueur Recipes

Blue Curacao Recipes Blue carcao cocktail recipe

We all can agree that there is nothing better than an ocean-colored cocktail. But before making an alcoholic cocktail, you always need to know the secret about it to make it the most special one. So, if you are trying to make a blue curacao drink by yourself, of course, you need to have a clear idea about the recipes.

Blue Curacao is the secret that gives any drink a citrus flavor, and the color is what makes it stand out visually. Here is the most famous and popular recipe with Blue Curacao that you must try. Blue Hawaii: this is the most popular drink made with Blue Curacao. It is an alcoholic drink made with vodka, rum, pineapple, and Blue Curacao.

Blue Curacao is what gives this tropical drink its flavor and color. While making this classic drink, you can use both vodka and rum, or you can use only rum as well. Don’t forget to put some lemon juice, lime juice, and simple syrup to give it a citrus flavor.

It’s super easy to do. Blue Curacao is the only key that can help you to make this amazing drink. Although every bar makes it using its own different ways, you can make it using this recipe also.

Another very common recipe is the Aqua Vera: this bubbly blue drink is a 1980s child and has a searing neon color. Some versions of this drink can be very sweet but when it is made with fresh lime juice and soda water, it tastes totally different and complex. So, to avoid the sickly-sweet version of this drink you can make it with vodka, gin, blue curacao, lemon juice, and soda water.

Blue Curacao Cocktail Recipes

Want to make a bright and blue cocktail? Here is a cocktail recipe that you can make using Blue Curacao.

Blue Curacao Recipes

Blue Margarita: this classic margarita recipe is wonderfully colored blue with Blue Curacao. It has a refreshing sweet treat that always impresses the people trying it for the first time. You might know that normally margarita is made using just three ingredients of tequila, lime juice, and triple sec.

But if you are making a blue margarita, you don’t have to use triple sec, instead, you have to use Blue Curacao which will give the drink an ocean blue color. This is a perfect frozen drink that will eventually lead to everyone asking for it more. The main ingredients that you have to use are coarse salt, tequila, freshly squeezed lime juice, superfine sugar, lime juice, and Blue Curacao. You can also use 2 –3 slices of star fruit and that’s it. Within some 10 to 15 minutes, your Blue Margarita will be ready.

Is Triple Sec The Same As Blue Curacao?

Both Triple sec and Blue Curacao belong to the same category, but they are not the same. If you are looking for cocktail recipes or making one, you have you use either triple sec or Blue Curacao. Both of them serve the same purpose, but Triple sec is typically clear whereas Blue Curacao is sold in a range of colors, mostly blue. We use Blue Curacao to make the cocktail ocean color.

They both are made from fermented sugar canes or cane sugar grape juice. Another main difference between the two is that Blue Curacao has an orange flavor and triple sec does not have it.

Can You Drink Blue Curacao Straight?

As it has a bright blue color, it has huge popularity and has become a mandatory cocktails’ ingredient. Whether it is drinking straight or mixed in a drink, Blue Curacao tastes perfect. It particularly has an orange fruity taste which is exceptionally tasteful. But try to avoid drinking it straight as the strong alcohol content might make you fall sick, or you can also have a sudden headache. The high sugar content in it is also dangerous if it is consumed in a large quantity.

Does Blue Curacao Go Bad?

Blue Curacao Recipes

Does blue curacao syrup need to be refrigerated?” to answer this question, no, you don’t need to put the Blue Curacao syrup in the refrigerator. The alcohol in it keeps the fruit, cream, and herbs from spoiling. But still, there is no guarantee how long Blue Curacao would last as it totally depends on how much air is in the bottle. But hard liquors like rum, vodka can be perfectly stored a room temperature.

Does Blue Curacao Have Fruit Coloring?

The blue curacao is naturally doing not have any color. Artificial coloring is like blue and orange colors are mostly added to it which gives the cocktails a bold and exotic appearance. The blue color is made by adding food colorant, E133 Brilliant blue is the one mostly used.

How Do You Pronounce Liquor, Blue Curacao?

“Blue curacao” has some crazy pronunciations. Curacao is an island, and how the people there pronounce curacao is the one that is absolutely correct. If you go out and ask some people how to pronounce it, you are going to hear lots of different pronunciations, but if you want to know about the actual pronunciation, here it is.

It is pronounced as ‘Cure-ah souw’. In curacao island, this is how the people pronounce it.

What Does A Blue Curacao Taste Like?

The Blue curacao has a fruity taste, which is a mixture of syrup and liqueur. Any tropical blue drink you have ever had, there was blue curacao in it. As from the name it is very clear that the syrup has an intense blue color which it got from artificial colorant. In spite of its electric blue shade, it has an orange flavor. It tastes sweeter than any other liqueur-like vodka.

Blue Curacao Recipes


Blue-colored drinks are the most popular cocktails among the tourist. We all know how hard it is to resist the appeal of a blue cocktail. Not only because of their delicious fruity flavors, but they are also a treat to the eyes and are huge fun to drink. Sometimes you may want to try to make a blue cocktail drink at home. So, a Blue Curacao syrup can help you make a stunning blue drink at home any time.

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