How To Make A DIY Paint Booth


A good DIY Paint Booth with proper ventilation can help you create fine and smooth paint jobs. Paint booths can be anytime in need for your projects or for painting your home furniture. 

But without knowing the exact procedure to build a homemade paint booth can take your entire day or a couple of. To help you with this we are here with this complete guide covering everything related to the paint booth and its hacks. 

Getting a DIY spray isn’t enough to complete your paint jobs as you know spraying the paint indoors can easily spread all around. That means a DIY spray paint booth with filters will be a better place for all painting jobs. 

So, Let’s get right into this guide with a quick look at the TOC below- 

Supplies Needed For DIY Spray Paint Booth

As you know the very first thing you have to look for before creating a paint booth is the basic requirements and supplies needed to have a fully finished DIY paint booth for furniture for any other projects. 

diy paint booth
diy spray paint booth

So, to help you here’s the supply list that you need for a DIY Paint Booth- 

  • 12 PVC pipes with measurements- 10′ 3/4.” Go with an extra one or two in case of any damage. 
  • 8 90-degree side-out elbows with measurements- 3/4″
  • 1 packet of plastic drop cloth, a packet comes with a total of 10 pieces.
  • A heavy-duty tarp to provide support to the entire frame. 
  • 1 painter’s tape roll. 
  • 1 small box fan easily available in supermarkets. 
  • A scissor or something like a suitable cutting object. 
  • 2-packs of basic HVAC filters with measurements- 20″ x 20″. Don’t go for the best quality ones with extra bucks because the Paint particles are large enough that the basic filter will work fine here.
  • 10 by 25 ft (3.0 by 7.6 m) plastic sheeting.

How To Make A Spray Booth?

To create DIY spray booths you have to follow three simple steps-

We will be discussing each of the above-listed points in detail below- 

Measuring And Cutting The Poles

Before making any cuts make sure that you set the desired height of your paint booth. As per our recommendation an 8-foot (2.43m) wide paint booth would be a perfect choice for a garage or a large patio. 

To give an exact idea an 8 by 4 feet (means 2.4 by 1.2 m) is quite big enough for all painting requirements. And also we will be taking this as an example in this read. 

If you wish for a different booth size then all you need is to adjust the sides accordingly. 

Here’s the measurement cuts you have make for our recommend ( 8 by 4 feet booth): 

  • 3 8-feet (2.43 m) sections.
  • 1 5-feet, 11 3/4-inch (1.82 m) section.
  • 2 4-foot (1.22 m) sections.
  • 2 3-foot, 11 7/8-inch (1.22) sections.
  • 6 3-foot (0.91 m) sections.
  • 2 2-foot, 7 3/4-inch (0.806 m) sections.
  • 2 26 3/8-inch (0.67 m) sections.
  • 2 20-inch (0.51 m) sections.
  • 8 2 1/2-inch (6.35 cm) sections.

After the required cuts, then comes-  

Connecting The Pipes

From the 3-foot (0.91 m) pipes pick the ones with the most even ends. These poles are to be used to form the 4 corner posts touching the floor. 

On each side at the front lay 2 more which will form the top of these posts. Again place the 2 2-foot, 7 3/4-inch (0.806 m) pipes at the back top of these posts.

how to make a spray booth
how to make a spray booth

Now, place the 3 8-foot (2.43 m) pipe sections go along at the top horizontally in front, back, and middle. And then place the 5-foot, 11 3/4-inch (1.82 m) section vertically in the middle.

On the sides, you have to place the 4-foot (1.22 m) pipe section from the middle horizontal poles. 

Then at last you have to place the 26 3/8-inch (0.67 m) pipes at the front top to make the front half the horizontal section. Similarly, then place the 2 20-inch (0.51 m) at the back part of this section.

Make sure you use good quality T connectors and elbow connectors at their required places. 

After your frame is ready then comes- 

Enclosing The Booth And Adding Proper Ventilation

On your assembled frame now cover the entire booth using the 10 by 25 ft (3.0 by 7.6 m) piece of plastic sheeting.

Using the plastic drop cloths hang the sheet surrounding the frame with the upper part completely covered. 

Surrounding the frame with plastic sheeting will require two additional holes to be made for the filter and box fan. 

But before making any hole in the sheet check the required measurements first. Use duct tape to place these units along with the plastic sheeting.  

And Ta-da! Your homemade Indoor Spray Paint Booth is ready to Paint

This is all about building a spray booth in your indoor or garage. Now, let’s have a look at some common questions that usually people have- 


How Do You Make A Homemade Paint Booth?

Making a homemade paint booth isn’t that tricky, with all the required supplies and space it would hardly take a couple of hours to get ready. 

Below are the steps you have to follow to build your home-made paint booth- 

  1.  Measurements Cuts.
  2. Assembling all units at their required positions. 
  3. Adding proper ventilation. 

We have already discussed the points above in detail. 

Home made paint booth
how to make a diy paint booth

How Do I Make A Simple Garage Paint Booth?

One of the best places for building a spray booth. If you are planning to make a paint booth in your garage, then the very thing needed is to create a frame out of PVC pipe. 

On this frame hang/attach plastic sheeting using duct tape. The last addition is a box fan and air filters for ventilation. This paint booth can easily handle spray paint cans and guns.

How Do You Make A Small Spray Paint Booth? 

A small paint booth can be made using cardboard, as the entire set-up will be small and portable. Here how you can create a small and best indoor spray paint booth using Cardboard- 

  • Step 1: Select a cardboard box, then tape its Sides. 
  • Step 2: Now, cut two holes one for the Fan and the other one for the Filter. 
  • Step 3: Attach Light into the Box for clear vision. 
  • Step 4: Cover the entire frame (optional).

Done! Now It’s ready to Paint.  

How Big Should A Paint Booth Be?

It varies as per need. If you are building a paint booth to paint your automotive then the measurements range 9-foot heights, 14-foot widths and 27- 30-foot lengths. And for an ideal homemade paint booth maintain a gap of 3 feet between your product and the frame for effective painting. 

Final Words 

Creating a DIY paint booth for painting your desired unit will definitely save your time and money. A homemade paint booth is portable too, which means no matter where you go it can be taken along.

But without a proper outline of required supplies and procedures, this could take hours to get finished. Hope we helped you out with everything you were looking for like creating and maintaining your DIY paint booth in this complete guide. 


Shreen Kawaski
Shreen Kawaski is an author at dstkrt-london and she holds a bachelor’s degree in home construction and accessories.

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