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Are you still using the dusty and rusty cupboard in your well-furnished kitchen in your even fashionable house or flat! Now present your glittering cookware as attractive showpieces, Diy Hanging Pot Rack Ideas.

But are you feeling all at sea about how to make a sophisticated pot rack with simple steps? Then this article is exclusively for you.

In this article we are going to enlighten you with a variety of competent and reliable pot rack ideas. Let’s get crafty today and together make a cool diy pot rack to give that old kitchen of yours a brand new look.

Lets get started:-

Pot Racks Ideas: Kitchen Decoration

Kitchen Decoration

Would you like to use your pot rack as a decorative charming chandelier hanging overhead with the best cookware, along with saving your kitchen space? These pot racks are durable and easily affordable.

  • Chicken Wire Rack: One chicken wire roll and 4 pine planks can make an amazing and rewarding chicken wire rack. Just build a frame with the pine planks and add chicken wire and hooks.And your chicken wire pot rack is ready.
  • Scrap Wood Rack: This is another stylish pot rack idea and the making is also quite similar. You will need wood plugs, coil chain, screws,  wood glue and hooks to build this rack.

Hanging Pots And Pans Racks: Saving Your Space

Diy Hanging Pot Rack Ideas

Pot racks are a space saving solution that gives your old kitchen a refreshed look and smart maintenance. But when you opt to buy one, it is hard to find with just the proper size. And sometimes they really are pricey.and out of your budget. Hence making one yourself will give your rack a customized size and make it budget friendly.

  • Leather Strap Rack: it can be made properly out of waste materials. You just need to find some ragged or out of use purse or luggage straps and recycle them. Make good use of your creativity and follow proper steps. A fancy pot rack would be ready to use.
  • Ever planned hanging a refurbished ladder from nature-all kitchen ceiling as a receptacle of your utensils? Use plywood to cover gaps, hook the ladder, and apply sandpaper to give it an antique in appearance.

Hang Pots And Pans On Wall Diy: Smartly Using

Hang Pots And Pans On Wall Diy: Smartly Using

Pot racks are the best way to organize the pots and pans smartly. Here, you will find some DIY pot rack ideas that are easy to make.

  • Pot Rack with Pipes: Looking for a metallic alternative to wooden pot rack? Get copper/ galvanized pipes to apply in your kitchen as a rack, supported with hooks and chains. They can be used as bars against the wall, a square grid mounting the ceiling or even as a grate, vertically or horizontally.
  • Rustic Pot Rack: Workable woodwork skill, nails (bended), paint– that’s all needed for a rustic pot rack for your farmhouse style wooden kitchen with no excess weight from pots and pans.
  •  In a minimalist kitchen a well maintained square/ rectangular wooden wall-mounted rack structure would be apt cheaply with essential cooking utensils on display.

Hanging Pot Rack Decorating Ideas: Decorating With Us

Hanging Pot Rack Decorating Ideas

Just roll your eyes below on the innovative pot rack ideas and sharpen your interior decorating skills with us!

  • Antique-Sled: You just need to hang the sled to your kitchen ceiling to give it a cozy look. Use S hooks to hang your pots.
  • Bike Wheel Rack: Here is another diy idea perfectly recycling your waste materials. A coil pf chain, a couple of hooks and the titular wheel will be enough to create this rack. Just light your imagination on and roll your sleeves up.

Rustic Pot Rack: Pastoral Framework

Is a rustic DIY pot rack  your ideal choice? We have got you covered here too. Look at the examples below to build your own customized pot rack suiting your kitchen perfectly.

  • Farm Cookware Holder: This metal pot rack will give you freedom from cabinet clutter. Craft this attractive cookware holder with simple steps.
  • Rustic Lattice Rack: A rustic lattice pot rack will not only keep your pots and pans within reach but will make some place for potted plants. They say greenery gives an evergreen mindset. Now make your cooking time a healthy one with the healing green.
Rustic Pot Rack

Wood Hanging Pot Racks: Simple and Smart Timber Racks

Do  you prefer wood more than metal? You have a good and practical taste. Wood weighs less than metal. It also has a longer life. Look at our extensive collection of wooden hanging pot racks.

  • Hanging wooden pot rack: This type of racks hold as many pots as you need. And with its combined rustic and nautical themes accents your kitchen. Wood planks and some hardware materials are enough to craft this space-saving  pot rack.
  • Wood pallet idea: This simple DIY wood pallet pot rack would give your kitchen an attractive fixture. This fits gorgeously in your kitchen and displays all your skillets.
  • Place a pegboard on the wall of your kitchen to have your desired utensils as well as cooking appliances, irrespective of size.

How Do You Make A Hanging Pot Rack?

Well, to answer this, there are numerous ways to make a hanging pot rack. But screw and fit your plank horizontally. Install some ‘S’ hooks on the plank with some more screws. And your pot rack is ready to get a go. Let pots and pans hang on the hooks. 

Where Should Pot Racks Be Placed In A Small Kitchen?

This largely depends on the position of your kitchen. Any small place available in your kitchen will make the ideal place for your pot rack. It can be a free wall, the ceiling above your kitchen sink, just beside your cabinet

Isn’t this the best fact of the pot racks? But be sure to attach the  hooks sturdily. Either way serious accidents may find their way.

How High Should A Pot Rack Hang?

Pot Rack Hang

Keep it so low that you do reach it without much effort and so high that you do not bang your head against your pots. This is the best height for a pot rack to hang.

Rock & Roll with Us

Did you like our assemblage of diy hanging pot rack ideas? We are sure you got the design of the rack suiting your kitchen from our pot rack ideas.Now face the music yourself and get your pot rack ready. Stay tuned with us for amazing solutions to your daily life problems. Thank you for visiting our page.

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