Monicka Stephen

Monicka Stephen is a homemaker she loves DIY projects and crafting.Her hobby made her the DIY creator and writer at dstrktlondon.



All About Terracotta Pot Heater And Its Usage

It has now become a new trend to use a terracotta pot heater to save up a few bucks and survive the harsh winter. Have you asked your friends how do you heat a...

The Best DIY Decor Ideas For Bedroom

Bedroom decoration is no easy peasy task. It needs a lot of thinking, planning, putting effort, and execution to make a bedroom look truly and beautifully amazing. You might think that putting an expensive...

Mushrooms And Their Life Expectancy

Have you ever wondered how long do mushrooms last? We would let you know every detail that you need to know about the longevity of mushrooms or booms in different mediums like a fridge...

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